Is Honeylove’s “Every Event” Sculptwear Bundle Really Worth It?

Is Honeylove’s “Every Event” Sculptwear Bundle Really Worth It?

It’s officially that time of year when I can no longer hide inside oversized sweaters and chunky jackets. The time has come to lose the sleeves, pivot to tighter-fitting tanks, and show some skin.

But that’s not all – it’s also the time when all my friends have decided to get married. As a bridesmaid in two and a guest in three others, my calendar’s booked full between weddings, girls' trips, rehearsal dinners, and – of course – work.

Thinking about finding new pieces for all those events was one thing, but thinking about all the new shapewear I’d have to buy for each outfit made my head spin. And I have never found adequate shapewear. It either rolls, pinches, or pokes. Always.

I started scrolling through tons and tons of Top 10 Shapewear articles but didn’t find anything new or useful. Skims? No. Spanx? Eh. Shapermint? Pass. But then I noticed an unfamiliar name – Honeylove.

Unlike the shapewear I was seeing, Honeylove is a sculptwear brand. Designed to make women feel confident, sexy, and comfortable, they carry everything from shorts, briefs, bras, leggings, and even pants in sizes XS - 3XL.

I was initially interested in Honeylove’s SuperPower Short for one of my upcoming weddings, but then I saw their Every Event Bundle. It’s a bundle with their SuperPower Short, Queen Brief, and Cami Body Suit. And instead of $272, it’s only $190!

I’m not one to get overly excited about shapewear, but this bundle was giving me hope! I was starting to think that it could actually work for all the weddings, dinners, and even work conferences for one low price. I decided to confront my shapewear fears and add-to-cart.

Once my order arrived, I started with the Queen Brief so I could test it under a work dress. The first thing that absolutely thrilled me is that it actually stays in place! Honeylove uses flexible boning that keeps it from rolling down! The Queen Brief gives me an hourglass shape I haven’t seen in years. The garment itself is even sexy – so different from the bland and boring pieces I’ve tried in the past. The mesh detail along the side and back is stunning!

After the Queen Brief earned my stamp of approval – and stayed put for a full 8-hour day! – it was onto the Cami Bodysuit.

Honeylove’s Cami Bodysuit’s straps and gusset are totally adjustable, but the best part is that I don’t have to wear a bra! It comes with built-in bust support that gives me a next-level lift and has zero underwires. I tried it with jeans and a blazer and was psyched that I can wear it on its own when I go for those late-night dinners with girlfriends. It looks that good!

Finally, it was time for the SuperPower Short, and it might even be my favorite of them all. The SuperPower Short shapes my booty and doesn’t roll down thanks to the side seams’ SoftFlex structures. While I imagined that this piece would help me gear up for those weddings, I can see myself wearing this all. The. Time. It’s beyond comfortable and looks incredible under my bridesmaid dress and some tighter bodycon dresses I have laying around.

Overall, I’m stunned! Stunned by the fact that I’ve been wearing bunchy, uncomfortable shapewear for years, but also stunned by how I look! Honeylove gives me awesome, flattering curves, and I feel confident whether I’m going into meetings, weddings, or those long overdue girls' nights.

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