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Move Over Soho House…I Want To Work Out With Glen Powell At The Alo Gym

In the world of celebrity, things work a bit differently. Restaurants are closed down so you can dine, you get seats with better views at concerts and shows, and velvet ropes block off sections of bars and clubs awaiting your thrilling arrival. Life is easier, more accessible, and the perks are endless.

There are higher-end gyms like Lifetime Fitness with water parks and saunas and yoga classes and smoothie bars galore…but do you ever wonder which gym celebs go to?

And yes, I know most of them have personal trainers who are paid egregious amounts to train them in their home gyms. But celebrities are just like us….if there’s an exclusive members-only gym that’s geared towards those of influence, they’ll join it.

Enter the Alo Gym. The hottest ticket in town is nestled in the heart of Beverly Hills and hidden in the old Sony headquarters. There are still studios surrounding the elusive gym, where you can find the likes of Selena Gomez’s producer boyfriend, Benny Blanco, recording tracks.

What Is The Alo Gym?

@octopusslover8 happy wednesday pussies
♬ original sound - Jake Shane

But enough about the music, back to the Alo Gym. This year, a viral clip surfaced featuring TikTok’s Jake Shane struggling through a Pilates class beside the ever-so-fit-and-attractive Tate McRae and Glen Powell. Everyone instantly meme’d the clip, but it actually sparked a bigger question: How in the world are Jake Shane, Tate McRae, and Glen Powell all taking a Pilates class together? And….Where can I sign up?

2024’s celebrity workout fad is, indeed, Pilates. Everyone’s singing its praises just like they did with yoga back in 2015. But you have to know that Glen Powell isn’t going to just any Pilates class.

They were at the Alo Gym. An invite-only experience located in Beverly Hills and NYC’s Soho. Suddenly, since that viral Jake Shane clip, influencers are making TikToks while at the Alo Gym. It’s now the most-photographed gym in history, I’m sure.

@madelyncline_fans Madelyn Cline at the Alo gym in Los Angeles, California. #madelyncline #loveyou #outerbanks #netflixseries #obx4 #comingsoon #gym #alo ♬ original sound - madelyncline

And it’s close to cult-like because its following accrued in such a short span of time. Similar to the ludicrous Erewhon, the Alo Gym is a hub for those with a following of over 100k. It’s done wonders for Alo’s marketing team, who now have a bunch of influencers clad in their workout gear - singing their praises of the ultimate gym experience.

Brooke Schofield - co-host of The Cancelled Podcast with Tana Mongeau - raves about it constantly. She drops mentions of massages and saunas, celebrity trainers like Harry Styles’ Brad Gould, and of course, celebrity sightings like Hailey and Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner.

@thetoastpod The tea on the Alo gym with @Brooke Schofield ♬ original sound - The Toast Podcast

And while the workouts look intense, everyone’s completely obsessed. It looks like the best holistic hangout in the history of the world - that mere mortals like us may never access. It’s the new Soho House.

Alo is the hottest athleisure brand on the market. There’s always one: whether it’s Lululemon or Girlfriend Collective or, now, Alo. They are by no means a new brand, but have flourished as the trendiest athletic brand that everyone who’s anyone is wearing.

Can I Go To The Alo Gym?

@alixearle Its actually heaven in there @Alo Yoga ♬ original sound - 🫵

Technically, yes. But you won’t get the influencer experience. You can take classes that aren’t taught by celebrity trainers on the ground floor…but the good parts aren’t available to the general public.

Instead, you have to drool over Instagram stories and yean for TikToks shot in this exclusive gym. Go scroll your heart out.

But If You Want To Dress Like The Influencers…Here Are Some Alo Pieces

Alo is an astonishing athleisure brand, so I can admit that the celebs are right in their selection of workout clothes. As someone who completed teacher training for yoga, I literally lived in Alo and Lululemon for months.

Right now, they’re doing a terrific job of staying on-trend while trailblazing their own path for athleisure and luxury loungewear.

Here are my Alo picks if you can’t make it to their gym:

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