The Ultimate Diaper Brand Showdown — See Who Wins the Most Awards

The Ultimate Diaper Brand Showdown — See Who Wins the Most Awards

Back when your parents were having kids and frantically searching for the best diaper to use, the choice was simple. A diaper was a diaper.

But over the generations, the humble diaper has evolved. They now do so much more than parents ever imagined possible. Some feature nontoxic materials. Some are designed for extra sensitive skin. Some parents even claim that a quality diaper helps them sleep better, let alone their baby.

But with an explosion of innovative diaper brands on the market — think Millie Moon, The Honest Company, Dyper, Coterie — vying to unseat big-box players like Pampers and Huggies, it’s tough to tell who emerges as the true diaper champion?

We thought that the smartest way to measure success was to look at the 5 most prestigious diaper awards to see if there is a new champion — here’s what we discovered:

Consumer Reports Highest Scoring Disposable Diaper 2023 Award goes to… Coterie

Trusted by Americans since 1936, Consumer Reports is dedicated to consumer-oriented research, consumer advocacy, and independent product testing. They buy everything they test so they’re 100% unbiased. For 2023’s diaper competition, Consumer Reports tested 10 disposable diapers and used saline to mimic urine in lab tests.

With contenders like Classic Pampers, Dyper, Coterie, and Honest, this was a tough race.

Award Criteria: Absorption-speed, dryness, and safety of materials

What Consumer Reports Is Saying:

“These luxury diapers perform. The diapers from Coterie aced our dryness and absorption tests, meaning that they absorb liquid quickly and hold it in, keeping your baby dry.”

The Bump’s Overall Best Baby Diaper 2022 and 2023 Awards go to… Coterie

The Bump is an on-trend site and mobile app that focuses on pregnancy, childbirth, and modern parenting. Parents can find info, resources, and even community support.

Each year, The Bump recognizes the top parent-approved baby and pregnancy products on the market through their award series. Members of The Bump community and a team of independent product testers — who are real parents — carefully evaluated 11 brands such as: Huggies (Best Newborn), Luvs (Best Disposable), Terra Diapers (Best Cheap).

Award Criteria: ease of use, effectiveness, design, materials, wetness indicators, comfort, and value

What The Bump Is Saying:

“[Coterie] diapers are extremely absorbent — better than any diaper I’ve used,” one mom said. “They didn’t leak once. No blowouts escaped them. I used them during the night where [my baby] would go a 12-hour-stretch without being changed and still never had any leaking through.”

Parents’ Softest (Diaper) For Newborns Award 2023 goes to… you guessed it, Coterie!

Parents.com is a must-have for busy, millennial moms and dads. Their trusted advice empowers parents to care for their kids with confidence.

Their Best Baby Awards surveyed over 300 real families to identify the everyday baby gear that they can’t live without. They recently chose prize winners for Best Diapers for Newborns for those early sensitive days.

Parents put dozens of diapers — from Seventh Generation to Dyper to Pampers to Huggies — to the test to see which ones could absorb liquid and still feel dry.

Coterie’s Ultra-Soft Diapers nabbed the award for Softest Diaper!.

Award Criteria: Safety qualifications, longevity, innovation, cost, ease of use, durability, likeability, and more.

Good Housekeeping’s Best Parenting Award Goes To… Coterie’s The Wipe

Everyone’s heard of Good Housekeeping — a well-known lifestyle magazine that offers reliable parenting tips and product reviews.

Each year, they run the Good Housekeeping's Best Parenting Awards. Institute experts spend six months evaluating hundreds of items and reviewing feedback from over 130 parent testers.

Last year’s diapering dynamos included: Freestyle Tree Free Diapers; Millie Moon Luxury Diapers.

Coterie couldn’t win every diaper award, but they did pick up the top award for “best wipes”.

Award Criteria: Innovation, safety, quality, ease of use, comfort, and real-world performance

What Good Housekeeping Is Saying:

“From diaper changes to messy playdates to ‘oopsies’ and beyond, Coterie's wipes are larger than other brands, so [they] get the job done faster. They’re responsibly sourced and use lyocell, a soft material made from wood pulp. Parent testers loved the size and thickness.”

Babylist’s Best Eco-Friendly Diapers of 2024 - Best Luxury Award goes to… Coterie

This versatile, all-in-one baby registry combines a comprehensive online source of stores and brands in one convenient place. As one of the most popular baby registry sites, they know a thing or two about diapers.

This year they placed an eco-friendly lens on the process and analyzed results from hundreds of real parents’ customer reviews and a Babylist survey of 3,000 users who shared the baby products they love the most.

Babylists’ Best Eco-Friendly Diapers of 2024 didn’t crown a single winner. They named a bunch of brands.

The Honest Company Club Box Diapers won for Best Subscription, Pampers for Best Name Brand and Coterie won for Best Luxury eco-friendly brand.

Award Criteria: Softness, price, environmental impact, fit, and absorbance

What Babylist Is Saying:

“They’re ultra-wicking to keep your little one dry and comfortable …and also made from 25% plant-based materials.”

Final Thoughts:

At the end of the day, it seems like all the award panels agree that Coterie’s the premier choice that’s giving traditional brands and newcomers a run for their money — far outpacing the big box brands. When our editors compared Coterie’s performance to their other competitors, we came to the same conclusion.

As you can see from this list of impressive accolades, Coterie reigns supreme — and for good reason. Free from irritants like chlorine, parabens, dyes, lotions, phthalates, and heavy metals that most big brands use, Coterie diapers are kind to little ones’ sensitive skin.

If you're looking for high-performance diapering essentials designed to support a baby through every stage and milestone, Coterie is the one for you.

Let Coterie take care of the business of diapers, so you can focus on the true joys of parenting.