Everything You Need To Know About PXG’s New Black Ops Golf Clubs

Everything You Need To Know About PXG’s New Black Ops Golf Clubs

Calling all golfers! PXG just launched its brand-new Black Ops Drivers, Fairway Woods, and Hybrids. Designed for forgiveness and maximum distance, these clubs are the stuff every golfer dreams of. The latest golf club technology can feel as perplexing as astrophysics. I was fortunate enough to test these out and man, do they not disappoint! So, here’s a super simplified breakdown of what these cutting-edge clubs have to offer.

Kicking off with the Black Ops Driver — this club features innovative elements that can transform your game off the tee box.

Key Features and Specs:

  • High Launch — helps the ball get airborne more quickly and carry longer distances so you can outdrive your friends!
  • Low Spin — reduces side-to-side curvature of ball flight that leads to less slices and hooks, so less lost balls in the woods!
  • Explosive Sound — provides a satisfying “kaboom” each time you hit the ball. Talk about a confidence boost.
  • Precision Weighting Technology — 3 interchangeable weights on the head that you can customize based on your typical shot shape.

Although the Black Ops Fairway Woods and Hybrids share many similar features to the driver, they also have a number of unique strengths:

  • Proprietary New Face Material — high strength Titanium Alloy face material that allows for a substantially thinner and more flexible face structure — faster ball speed, higher launch angle, lower spin.
  • Optimized Internal Rib Design — enhances the feel and sound of the clubs.
  • High Strength Composite Construction — a lightweight yet strong carbon fiber sole and crown is deployed to optimize weight distribution. This ultimately supports improved distance and forgiveness.

As golf club technology rapidly evolves, PXG is leading the charge with sleek designs and innovative features. I might be in the minority here, but I love how they brought back the high-gloss design instead of the matte finish that everyone decided to use. There is something about the sun hitting that shine on the first tee box that gets my confidence going.

Looking to hit longer and more accurate shots on the course? You should definitely check out the new Black Ops line from PXG and sign up for a Fitting Today!