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Designer Or Dupe? Your Ultimate Guide To DHGate

We all want to live the luxury lifestyle…but who can afford it these days? With soaring rents and the overall cost of living, I’m struggling to keep up with my coffee addiction.

But in the age of influencers and the super-popularity of TikTok, it is now more fashionable than ever to be a consumer. We all want what we can’t have, and thanks to TikTok…we feel like we have nothing and everyone else has it all.

No longer do you have to go to the mall and wander around aimlessly until you find something you like. Instead, TikTok serves as another form of QVC. We form our thinking and our taste based on what our favorite influencer is using…And we can order it online thanks to TikTok shop!

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More interesting, however, is how quickly we welcomed fast fashion and designer dupes into our lives. We’re now willing to take a cut on quality and materials just to save a few bucks. With sites like SheIn, where you can purchase 25 poorly made — and even worse for the environment — clothing items for under $200…fast fashion has taken over our world.

But now, SheIn is exposing the brands on their site. Popular fast fashion brands like Missguided have been sourcing their clothes from the same factories as SheIn and selling them for quadruple the price. But thanks to SheIn, you can now just buy them directly from the source at a discount.

We’re all looking to dress for less lately…because there are too many trends, too many conflicting price tags, and too many costs to cover in such a short time. And some of us have more expensive tastes than others.

So the people found a way to get designer looks for less, and that comes in the form of DHGate.

What is DHGate?

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Behold, DHGate. The ultimate marketplace for designer dupes. Think of Canal Street- where you can stroll and shop for “Chanel”, “Gucci”, and “Louis Vuitton” bags that total $30. It’s the ultimate discount.

The only catch? They’re fakes. Replicas. Frauds. Phonies. Whatever you want to call them, they’re not actually Italian leather...but they look damn good.

Yes, as a struggling-artist-type in her mid-20’s, I can’t afford to buy a Dior tote bag…but you know what? I can still give off the illusion that I can.

TikTok introduced me to DHGate like a best-kept secret. The site is frustrating and tough to navigate and truly feels like a part of the dark web. You have to wait a few weeks for shipping, since it indeed is coming from somewhere in China, and there will be moments of doubt.

However, there’s something for everyone on DHGate. Actually, this may be something that men may predominantly know about…since they are the leading seller of fake NFL, NBA, MLS, and MLB jerseys.

When talking about DHGate with some of my guy friends, I learned that it’s common practice to go in with your buddies on a mass jersey order. Since you technically can buy these wholesale, a bulk order makes your purchase even cheaper.

And here’s my favorite part: everything looks incredibly real. I use my Dior tote as a beach bag and I’ve gotten horrified questions like: “ Are you sure that’s allowed on the sand?!” Why yes, because it isn’t the $4000 tote bag you think it is.

Sure, there are slight differences in quality. But, to the naked, untrained eye, you’d never know.

How To Shop On DHGate

I wish there was a simpler way to shop on DHGate, but we can’t choose our battles. No, you can’t simply search “Eagles Jersey” and be directed to a million options. You have to be specific, and do your research beforehand.

Thanks to TikTok (genuinely, this time) we have an excellent source of information on how to navigate the labyrinth that is DHGate. It’s a real-life product review that also gives you peace of mind that your order will be delivered and right to your door.

So my first piece of advice is to scroll through TikTok and watch some unboxing videos. Pick which designer items you’ve had your eye on, and then see your options in real-time. Many TikTok users will recommend a seller and give you a good idea of how long it’ll take to get there.

TikToker Alexis Leianna went viral last year for landing a just-about-exact replica of a Chanel bag. Now, you don’t need to worry about leaving your purse in an Uber. It’s not real, anyways.

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And yes, there’s the moral compass of it all…it’s not ethical to shop fast fashion…the horrid working conditions and it’s bad for the environment…it sucks all around. But if we can save some money on luxury items, be my guest.

What To Buy On DHGate

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