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How Honeylove Will Make Me Feel Confident Again In 2022

This new year, I’m not taking the usual route with my resolutions. Normally, I say I’m going to eat better, exercise more, etc., etc., blah-blah-blah. But this year I’ll focus on feeling comfortable in my own skin.

I want to start loving and embracing my body. But there are some outfits that I just don’t feel good in anymore, like my favorite cocktail dress or the A-line skirt I used to wear to the office all the time.

Lately, my sister’s been talking about this sculptwear company that she swears by called Honeylove. I’ve tried shapewear in the past and never liked it. It’s always too tight and uncomfortable, or too loose and baggy.

I doubted Honeylove would be any different until my sister walked into my house wearing a new bodycon dress. She looked amazing, and most of all, she was beaming with confidence. She accredits all of it to the Honeylove SuperPower Brief. She says they’re super comfy too!

After some research, I was even more impressed with Honeylove. Turns out, their products go through rigorous testing for 1-2 years. They use real women to ensure they’re of the highest quality, effective, and comfortable.

I was dazzled by their variety of sizes. Honeylove is all about being body positive, so their sizes range from an XS to 3X. Plus, they come in tons of colors, from Sand to Mocha, to Vamp (black) and Cinnamon. There’s also a SoftFlex feature - flexible structures hidden in the side seams of the waist that hold the garment up. I’m used to shapewear that rolls down and bunches up - not a good look on me. So this feature really intrigued me.

The positive online reviews and the fact that my sister looks smashing in her Honeylove convinced me to try it out. I was also hoping it would help me feel like my best self in the new year. I ordered theSuperPower Shorts, SuperPower Briefs, and the Crossover Bra since it had been a while since I got a new bra.

My Honeylove package arrived on time and I was so excited that I tried everything on immediately. I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the SuperPower Shorts are. They sculpt my body in all the right places, without slipping or even budging! The true test was the SuperPower Briefs under my favorite black dress.

I felt like a new woman in Honeylove! I felt comfy, confident, and sexy–which I hadn’t been feeling lately. The Crossover Bra is super flattering, snug - yet not constricting - and surprisingly supportive!

Honeylove has such outstanding quality for the price as their Sculptwear ranges from only $79 - $89. I ended up ordering their Leggings 2.0for the days I don’t feel like dressing up. And they truly are the most cozy and flattering pair of leggings I’ve ever worn.

Honestly, I’ve never felt as good as I do when I’m wearing Honeylove. This sure isn’t your grandma’s shapewear. They use mesh on the SuperPower products and incorporate the cool cross feature on the Crossover Bra.

Honeylove’s game-changing products include their SuperPower Sculptwear, innovative bras, tanks, and sleek bodysuits, as well as pants and leggings. Honeylove helped me invest in myself, and feel confident without changing.

If you want to feel amazing in any outfit this year, check out Honeylove. You won’t be disappointed!

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