Why You Shouldn’t Get Your Wine At Big Bottle Shops

Why You Shouldn’t Get Your Wine At Big Bottle Shops

Today, many people opt for wines from big bottle shops out of convenience, despite the lacklustre quality they provide.

Although big retailers appear to offer competitive prices, they typically lack transparency about who actually makes the wine, and the level of independence behind the brands they sell.

That’s why we became interested in Naked Wines, a direct-to-consumer platform that completely removes all the guesswork involved when shopping for wine.

Could this be a better alternative to purchasing wine at big bottle shops? See our comparative breakdown below:

Key Similarities – Big Bottle Shops vs. Naked Wines:

  • Both offer a wide selection of wines
  • Both offer affordable wine
  • Both provide a level of convenience to the consumer

Key Differences – Big Bottle Shops vs. Naked Wines:

  • Naked Wines allow its members to rate their wines and tailor the wines they recommend to you based on your ratings ⏐ In bottle shops, you have to choose yourself, and often end up paying for wines you don’t enjoy
  • Naked Wines source directly from independent winemakers, ensuring authenticity ⏐ Big bottle shops often source from bulk suppliers, with little transparency around the provenance of the wines
  • Naked Wines offer higher quality wine at lower prices by eliminating the middlemen and pricing their wines fairly based on members’ ratings⏐ Big bottle shops wines are of variable quality, with prices reflecting overheads for branding and distribution
  • Naked Wines are completely transparent about where the wine comes from and how it is made ⏐ Big bottle shops create so-called "phantom" brands to disguise wine they make themselves
  • A larger portion of Naked Wines profits go directly to the winemakers, supporting small businesses and sustainable practices ⏐ Big bottle shop profits predominantly benefit the retailer
  • Naked Wines offers exclusive wines from boutique producers that are not available in bottle shops ⏐ Big bottle shop wines tend to be mass-produced and widely available

Naked Wines Overview

Naked Wines delivers exceptional wines straight to your doorstep. They tailor their recommendations using your ratings and those of other wine lovers, ensuring you only drink wines you love. They price their wines based on ratings, so it’s always reasonably priced.

As a Naked Wines member, you get up to 30% off all of your orders, and you can customise, adjust or cancel shipments at any time. Their subscription is completely flexible and there’s a no hassle guarantee on all of their wines— you get a credit back for any wine you didn't absolutely love so you can try something else.

New customers can get 12 wines for only $79.99, which gives you $100 off your first case of red, white, or mixed bottles based on your preference. We tried the mixed case and were blown away by the standard of the wines!

By shopping with Naked Wines, you’ll form genuine relationships with independent winemakers who prioritise small batch, high-quality wine. And if you think it all sounds too good to be true, just check their Trustpilot reviews. They have an excellent score of 4.4 stars with customers regularly praising the taste and price of their wines, and their customer service.

Big Bottle Shop Wine Overview

Trying new wines from a big bottle shop is a constant gamble since you have no idea how it tastes until you bring it home. This often leaves consumers afraid to try new wines in case they don’t like them, so they end up buying the same wines over and over.

While it can be convenient to pick up a bottle when you do the rest of your shopping, it often means compromising on the uniqueness and authenticity of your wine.

Big bottle shop wines may have pretty labels, but typically they are sourced from large-scale production facilities that prioritise quantity over quality. Misleading labels often lead to customers unknowingly buying mass-produced, low-quality wines that lack authenticity.

When buying big bottle shop wines you automatically pay for agents or distributors without knowing, meaning you end up overpaying for what you get.

Final Thoughts

Choosing Naked Wines over big bottle shops doesn’t just get you more bang for your buck, it completely removes all the guesswork when shopping for wine. You’ll be recommended wines based on your palate, get to try new wines and get to know your personal wine taste.

While big bottle shops offer occasional and unpredictable discounts, Naked Wines always offers a fair price because they get preferential prices from the winemakers they support, which they pass on to their customers. They also benchmark their wines against similar bottles.

Naked Wines gives you access to exclusive, carefully curated wines while supporting independent businesses. You’ll know exactly where your wine is coming from.

You can browse their many offerings from the comfort of your home and get your bottles delivered to you like clockwork! On top of that, members get up to 30% off always.

So sign up for Naked Wines today to only pay for wines you love, support small businesses, save money, and receive authentic products to your doorstep. It’s a no-brainer.

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