Best Laptop for Soon-To-Be College Students

Best Laptop for Soon-To-Be College Students

You've done the applications, you've been accepted, you've mailed in your tuition -- now all you need to do is get a laptop. Laptops are essential for college students. If you look across any lecture hall, it's rare to find a student still taking notes with a pen and paper. And with electronic essay submissions on the rise, you'll find it handy to have your own machine to type up quick reports and hook up to any printer.

When you're looking for a reliable laptop that will stand up to all of your technological (and academic) needs, Apple's 13-inch MacBook Air won't disappoint.

This laptop lives up to its namesake -- it's virtually light as air. Well, if air weighed 2.96 pounds. But this is way less bulky than other models while still giving you optimal processing capabilities. We think the screen size is just right for word processing and using the Internet. Of course, if you're going into a field that requires graphic design, you'll probably want a bigger screen.

The MacBook Air has 128 GBs of storage, which is more than enough to hold all of your coursework, essays, photos, and music. While it doesn't have the retina display of its successors, the MacBook Air is just what you need for a reasonable price. Coming in under $800, it's a great piece of machinery that's durable, despite its lightweight design. Also, the battery life is considerably longer than many models -- up to 12 hours.

Slip this classy laptop discreetly in your bag and be ready for even the toughest class.

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