Why I Canceled My Fabletics Men VIP Membership And Then Resubscribed

Why I Canceled My Fabletics Men VIP Membership And Then Resubscribed

As a new dad and devoted gym rat, I'm always on the lookout for functional yet comfortable activewear that has style. Fabletics used to be my go-to because they offer high-performing gear at a great price point. Here's why I initially canceled my subscription but quickly resubscribed to their VIP membership:

It's no secret that Fabletics Menis an activewear giant. With a vast range of performance-driven gear that provides the comfort and durability you need for workouts and everyday life, it’s clear their apparel is top-notch.

You’ve probably heard about their VIP membership, but just in case you haven't:

VIP and former VIP members get up to 70% off their first purchase. From joggers, pants, tees, and tanks to sweatshirts, underwear, and accessories, you’ll find everything you need all in one place, delivered to your door. And on top of 70% off, Fabletics also offers 2 pairs of shorts for $19 and/or $24 pants.

How does it work?

You pay only $59.95 per month, for which you receive credits. These credits can be used to purchase any 2-piece outfit or an item up to $100, online or in-store. The credits are valid for an entire year — awesome! You can check out Fabletics’ new arrivals each week at 20-50% off. There’s also free shipping and returns, and access to the Fabletics Fit App that features trainer-led on-demand workouts.

Why did I cancel my membership initially?

So the thing I missed is that if you want to take a break you can easily 'Skip the Month'. But you must do it by the 5th of each month so you won't get charged. You can skip as many times as you want and still get the VIP Membership Benefits. But I had no idea!!? So I whiffed the ball here.

Why did I end up resubscribing?

While I imagined that I'd be better off purchasing my workout gear at Nike or Lululemon, I soon discovered that their pricing is absolutely outrageous. And the quality isn't worth the price in my opinion.

Plus, I truly missed Fabletics Men’s convenience. With our new baby and my demanding job, I barely have time to shop for clothes, so getting them delivered to my door is a huge win. And now that I know their pause policy, I can choose to skip months whenever I need, I had to resubscribe.

Their Fit App is so much better than I thought!

Since resubscribing I finally tried their Fit App, and to my surprise, it’s keeping me consistent with my workout so I love it. They have a variety of 30-day programs, hundreds of on-demand classes, and quick-express exercise circuits across 10+ categories, which are incredibly effective. And my wife’s been taking HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, and Dance classes — such a bonus.

When it comes to quality, nothing beats Fabletics

Fabletics takes performance seriously with anti-stink fabrics, lightweight, ultra-stretchy, and sweat-wicking tech — which I need more than ever nowadays. They feature a vast array of designs, colorways, and sizes from XS to 4X, their apparel is designed for all kinds of guys.

Whether you prefer minimal/flashy branding, loose/athletic fit, or dark/bright colors, Fabletics Men has it all.

It doesn’t matter if you're a past subscriber or entirely new to Fabletics, their activewear is super affordable and their membership is the best out there, so be sure to subscribe!