Best in Money Transfers Abroad

Best in Money Transfers Abroad

Perhaps you are an American studying at graduate school in London. Or maybe your employer has moved you to an overseas office. You could be paying a mortgage or student loans in your home country while living in another. Whatever the reason may be that you find yourself living abroad, there may come a time when you need some dough sent to you. And the last thing you need for you or the person sending you money is to get screwed over by banks that charge exorbitant fees, often hidden in bad exchange rates. That’s why you should only transfer funds with TransferWise.

Using TransferWise is low-cost, simple and safe. Simply enter how much money you need to send and where it’s going. Then upload money in your local currency to TransferWise using a debit card or bank transfer. Next, the pros at TransferWise will convert the money at mid-market rate (that’s the real exchange rate, not one that a bank makes up). Finally, the money is sent to the bank account you’ve entered, and you and the recipient are alerted by email. That’s it! No tricks. No hidden fees. No kidding. Just a small fee that means using TransferWise is up to 89% cheaper than using your bank.

Built by the people who brought you Skype, TransferWise is 100% secure and FCA regulated (in other words -- as secure as a bank). Plus, transfers from U.S. dollars are usually received in 2-3 business days so your recipient won’t wait long.

Follow this link to try TransferWise. It’s the smart way to send money abroad.

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