The Top 3 Products You Should Try From Honeylove

The Top 3 Products You Should Try From Honeylove

Our editors are always on the lookout for what's trending in the world of fashion and one item that's making its stay is shapewear. We've seen it everywhere and with so many brands out there we wanted to find the real deal, and that's how we landed on Honeylove.

Honeylove takes an approach to shapewear and liftwear that prioritizes high-quality fabrics, comfort, and stylish design. Plus, they have inclusive sizing ranging from XS to 3X with a helpful sizing quiz to find your perfect fit.

With so many all-star products, we've narrowed down our top 3 Honeylove must-haves:

1. SuperPower Brief

What it is: The original Honeylove sculptwear available in Runway, Sand, Mocha, and Vamp.

What it does: Designed with strong, targeted compression to stay tight where you want it and lets your body breathe where you need it. The SuperPower brief smooths the booty, sculpts the thigh, and supports the tummy.Honeylove's SoftFlex structure in the sides keeps these briefs from rolling down as you move while also supporting your posture.

Perfect for: Going out

Our Thoughts: The SuperPower Brief is how we first fell for Honeylove. It's the classic shapewear every woman is searching for but it actually delivers. We tested it out for a whole night out and it held up! There was none of that annoying rolling fabric or limited motion, and we were so comfortable we could've stayed out all night.

If you're looking for the right balance of compression and stretch then this is for you. Since Honeylove gets that you don't want to be squeezed everywhere you get support all over without any fabric cutting in (especially in the back).

You'll catch us in our SuperPower Briefs year-round thanks to the great selection of essential colors, and versatile length. Slip it under a pair of shorts or a cheeky dress this summer and easily keep it in your wardrobe through the colder months.

Bonus: If you love the SuperPower Brief as much as we do then you'll love their fan-favorite SuperPower Short! Similar to the Brief, you'll get support in all the right places but with added BoostBands on the backs of your legs. We love the sculpted effect and the extra lift for the booty.

2. LiftWear Tank

What it is: A tank that gives you wire-free underbust support, dig-free wide straps, and targeted compression.

What it does: Combine an amazing bra with comfortable shapewear and you get the LiftWear Tank. Get all-over support and smoothing compression in a piece you can wear under your outfit or as a cute top.

Perfect for: Everyday wear (seriously!)

Our Thoughts: This tank will become a staple in your closet. We loved ditching our bras and taking a break from all that underwire while still feeling secure and supported. The SoftFlex Structures in the sides of the bra section keep the tank in place and the no-fold hem stops it from the dreaded roll-up.

Honeylove prioritizes high-quality fabrics and we are so grateful! This breathable fabric makes the tank a comfortable all-day option. We've worn it to the office, around the house, and have even dressed it up - feeling confident no matter which way we wear it.

The LiftWear Tank comes in 7 stylish colors from basic nudes to a vibrant red. We're packing our Honeylove tank for every occasion.

3. Silhouette Bra

What it is: A wire-free bra that provides the support you need with adjustable straps and 5 colors to choose from.

What it does: Gives you the versatility of adjustable straps with the ability to cross over. Provides wire-free support that remains comfortable all day without sacrificing style or quality.

Perfect for: The workweek

Our Thoughts: Bras are a fundamental undergarment and some feel like they need them, some love them, and others simply haven't found the right fit. Well, we're totally embracing the Silhouette Bra from Honeylove.

We found that everyone enjoys Honeylove's bra as there's no wire digging into your sides, adjustable straps so every woman can find the right level of support, and three sturdy hooks and eye closures on the back. It takes the traditional bra to the next level and we're so happy for the upgrade.

Honeylove has two other bras in their line and if they're anything like the Silhouette Bra, we can't wait to add them to our collection! Whether you're WFH or headed into the office this bra is great under any top without sacrificing an ounce of comfort.

Final Thoughts

Honeylove is the new go-to for every woman. Their sculptwear and liftwear are changing the way we think about shapewear.

You don't have to settle for lace corsets, garments rolling down, or shapewear you wouldn't want to be seen in. Honeylovehas found the sweet spot between compression and comfort that we've always dreamed of. Long-time shapewear fans should add the brand to their list and those looking to try it out for the first time won't be disappointed.

Check out Honeylove and discover shapewear that smooths where you want, embraces curves you like, and all made to work with your lifestyle.

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