Tasting Room – The Best in Wine Subscription Services

Tasting Room – The Best in Wine Subscription Services

In vino veritas – Latin, for, “In wine, there is truth." And truth be told, whether we're eating a stinky chunk of cheese, a piping-hot dish of spaghetti carbonara, or in most cases, whatever's in the fridge, we want a decent glass (or plastic cup) of wine to go with it. We're not wine snobs, but here's another bit of truth: It's nice to learn at least a little bit about which wines pair best with our favorite foods, so we wind up buying good bottles to drink now or add to the wine fridge for a future special occasion. Wouldn't it make you feel better to always have the best wine for your unique taste preferences in the house? And to have some certainty that the wine will be enjoyable? OK, but where to start?

Too many trips to the liquor store, and you're going to start to seem a little Charlie Sheen-ish. Plus, liquor stores are focused on volume and margins (it's not their fault rent is expensive), but that's why wine clubs or subscription services can be a great option to get great wine without the markup. We examined the most popular clubs out there, and though there were a few others that showed promise, those options came with a few sour grapes. Tasting Room by Lot 18 was our favorite, and America's choice as the fastest-growing wine club in the nation.

Founded in 2013, Tasting Room stands out from the pack, and was quickly coined "the netflix of wine" and "the first wine club to get it right" by some of the world's largest media brands. First and foremost because it isn't a “club" per se, as all the others are. Tasting Room is a personalized service catered to your specific tastes, since you actually get to taste wine to help you decide which grape varieties, styles and regions you'd like in your shipments. No other online service lets you taste first. While other clubs send you the wines they think you'll want, only Tasting Room goes the extra mile to learn – and send you – wines you'll love. It's sort of like Netflix for wine in that they recommend wines that match your taste preferences like Netflix recommends movies and TV shows you'll like based on your taste in entertainment.

There are some other wine clubs out there that I've tried. They deliver you wine, and you'll learn what you like tasting each bottle. What they don't offer, however, is the personalization aspect. Tasting Room only sends you wine they guarantee you'll enjoy, attractive price points (about $12/bottle), and the most flexibility.

Taste first philosophy: to get started, Tasting Room sends you their exclusive tasting kit of 6 mini bottles. Then you go online to rate them. After that, Tasting Room sends you bottles they know you'll enjoy based on your personal preferences. You can further customize by choosing the number of bottles you receive, select all reds, all whites or a mix in your shipments that arrive as often as you'd like. It's under $10 to join, and you can cancel at any time (though why you would is a mystery to us). Not only will you get to taste delicious wines from some of the world's greatest producers, you'll become more educated and less intimidated about wine. We'll drink to that!

Now that you're ready to relax with a nice glass of cabernet, crisp rosé, or something else, check out this special offer Tasting Room is extending to our readers!

Follow this link to get your wine tasting kit for $6.95 (originally $39.95)!

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