You're Missing Out If You're Not Getting Stock Ideas From Real Money Pro

You're Missing Out If You're Not Getting Stock Ideas From Real Money Pro

As an active investor, I'm always looking for fresh ideas for profitable investments. I used to spend hours each day scouring the web for actionable stock tips, and to keep up-to-date on market events. But when the hours spent didn't equate to profits, I found it to be a daunting task. My strategy was inefficient, and my portfolio was in the red. So I texted a close friend of mine, who's been at one of the largest hedge funds in New York for over 10 years, and met him for drinks after work. Again, I was merely looking for one-off investment ideas, but when he recommended I subscribe to Real Money Pro, I ended up becoming a more informed investor with a well-diversified portfolio.

My friend explained to me why individual investors are disadvantaged when trading on the advice of analysts in the media. Professional money managers have access to a network of analysts that communicate with management, and take their positions long before analysts report on their ideas. But through Real Money Pro, legendary hedge fund money managers offer subscribers the same trading advice they execute with their combined $5.5 billion under management, in real-time every day.

Real Money Pro is a one-stop shop for actionable investment ideas, headlined by Jim Cramer, Doug Kass, and the top money managers in the business with decades of Wall Street experience. The exclusive platform grants subscribers access to their top portfolios and trading strategies, and real-time analysis of major stories influencing the market throughout each trading day. You'll get all the market news and analysis on one platform, from successful money managers that give you transparency into their portfolios. Together, they offer full analysis of major stories influencing the market, tactics for how to play macro trends, and offer sector, industry, stock and ETF-specific trading ideas. Whether you're a risk taker looking to profit off some short-term trades, or a lean conservative looking to make long-term investments, you'll be able to find the investing style that's the right fit for you.

When you login, you'll see the Real Money Pro's Ideas section, which gives you full transparency into each of the contributors' portfolios, including their holdings, buy dates, buy prices and current prices, strategy, and the analysis behind their decisions. With this knowledge, you'll be able to dictate whose ideas you want to follow. For example, one of site contributor David Katz's stock picks, McDonald's (MCD), continues to gain momentum propelled by CEO Steve Easterbrook's initiatives, including getting franchisees to buy in and introducing all-day breakfast. To date, this stock made Katz a 37% return, and my friend's portfolio reflects similar gains on the position.

The platform also enables you to interact with a community of investors and traders to share insights. You'll learn how to play macro trends, hone your buying and selling abilities, and interact with some of the brightest trading minds. You'll be the first to know when the news hits the tapes, you'll gain intel on what news is worth trading on and you'll get solid leads with 50-100% potential upside.

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