Best New Bespoke Liquor Brand - Pick Six Vodka from Saratoga Courage Distilling Company

Best New Bespoke Liquor Brand - Pick Six Vodka from Saratoga Courage Distilling Company

There’s nothing like kicking back at the end of a long day with a smooth libation. If you want a high-quality vodka made by a devoted and eco-friendly manufacturer, you should know about Saratoga Courage’s Pick Six vodka. It’s unlike the rest due to its unique production and is gaining in popularity. In fact, it was named 2014’s Vodka of the Year. Find out what makes this company and its award-winning vodka so special.

The company was founded by Serge and Holly Shishnik in 2013 with the intention to create local products that would be on par with world-renowned spirits. Keeping local, the team was able to build a facility in their hometown, hire people in the area to work for them, and save money and protect the environment while doing so.

The Shishniks are not only spirit makers, they are also pharmacists. With their training, they were able to utilize the land water by the Adirondacks directly from the well, unprocessed, making the vodka as pure as possible. The equipment used at their facility is eco-friendly and even the bottles for the vodka are special, using 65% less glass than the average vodka bottle. The team saves electricity by packaging their spirits by hand.

Pick Six vodka is made from a 100% corn-grain neutral spirit. It is distilled six times, hence its name, plus it is gluten-free and non-GMO. It’s 80 proof and comes in 375ml, 750ml, 1 liter, or 1.75 liter sizes. Along with being named 2014’s Vodka of the Year, it has also won a gold medal at the Denver International Spirits Competition, a silver at the New York International Spirits Competition, and a bronze at the Berlin International Spirits Competition. Pick Six is certainly proving that a small, local company can make a big impact.

Try Pick Six for yourself. Join the Saratoga Courage mailing list by submitting to their contact form or contact your local liquor shop to see if they carry it.

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