Is Droplette Worth It? Here’s What Our Beauty Editors Think

Is Droplette Worth It? Here’s What Our Beauty Editors Think

When it comes to skincare, the choices can be overwhelming. With so much information out there, our editors knew there had to be an easier alternative to those convoluted 10-step routines. Or something less invasive than sticking needles in our faces every couple of months.

We wanted something simple, reliable, and proven to work. We considered things like red light therapy masks but found that the results were mixed, so we kept looking.

That’s when we discovered Droplette — ascience-backed device revolutionizing the skincare industry as the first-ever at-home, needle-free skincare micro-infusion device.

Droplette Overview

Droplette is an innovative skincare device designed for home use. It addresses skin issues such as hydration, elasticity, tone, dark spots, and wrinkles. Unlike traditional serums, Droplette uses advanced microinfusion technology and individual capsules to ensure that active ingredients have a deeper penetration — actually 20x deeper — making it more effective for skin health.

How Does Droplette Compare To Other Skincare Treatments and Tools?

The Droplette device transforms serums into a powerful micro-mist that’s delivered at a high velocity to help serums penetrate the skin for deeper delivery.

The result? Better absorption of ingredients compared to topical applications by other brands.

Unlike creams and serums that just sit on the skin's surface, Droplette allows for 20x deeper penetration of active ingredients, making it 90% more effective. This non-invasive device delivers dermatologist-approved, clinical-strength ingredients deep into the skin—no needles, no pain, and no damage.

Plus, the device's smart design seals in Droplette’s premium ingredients so they remain potent and effective by limiting exposure to light and air.

Is Droplette Actually NASA-Backed?

Droplette‘s groundbreaking technology was initially developed as a medical device, designed to deliver medications deep into the skin without the need for needles. The science was so strong — withpeer-reviewed publications in respected journals such as FASEB and Pharmaceutics that highlighted its effectiveness — Droplette adapted it as a transdermal delivery tool for skincare. And Droplette received its first grant from NASA!

To ensure their device's efficacy, the Droplette team regularly runs clinical trials that have shown significant improvements in skin hydration, elasticity, tone, and reduction of dark spots and wrinkles within weeks of consistent use! These trials adhere to Institutional Review Board (IRB) standards, utilizing unbiased measurement instruments like VISIA-CR and EMAGE Image-Pro.

What Capsules Do They Offer?

The Droplette device itself costs $199, and capsules can be purchased one time, or you have the option to subscribe and save 20%, which we would highly recommend. Consistency is so important.

Here is their current capsule offering:

  • Retinol Renewerwith 0.15% Retinol capsules ($80 for a 30-pack, $40 for a 12-pack — with subscription): these will help smooth fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Glycolic Illuminator with 8% Glycolic Acid capsules ($80 for a 30-pack, $40 for a 12-pack — with subscription): these will help to clear and prevent blemishes and imperfections.
  • Tranexamic Eraser with 5% Tranexamic Acid capsules ($110 for a 30-pack, $60 for a 14-pack — with subscription): these will help to fadethe appearance of dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage.
  • Growth Factors are derived from healthy human stem cells and include ingredients like amino acids, advanced peptides, and collagen ($300 with subscription). Deep in the skin, growth factors activate stem cells, reverse cell quality decline, and replace aging skin cells with new ones.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Results vary, but users typically see noticeable results within 3-5 weeks of consistent, daily use.

What Are Real Users Saying?

“Droplette has changed my skinmore moisturized and dewy in this dry NM climate. I appreciate this new technology” - Jeanette W.

“Got these to ward off hormonal cystic acne, as I got off birth control and Spironolactone while trying to conceive. One can never be sure, but I'm 1.5 months off of those meds and using these capsules ~every other day. And the cystic acne is still being kept at bay (not the case with the other times I've stopped those meds), so I will CERTAINLY be continuing use of these!”- Megan C.

“I was initially hesitant to try it, but I’ve been impressed with the results. This innovative device transforms serums into a fine mist that can penetrate the skin more effectively than traditional topical applications. After just one treatment, I noticed a significant improvement in my skin's hydration and texture. The ease of use makes it a convenient option for at-home treatments, and the intense moisturizing results have been remarkable. I’m now a fan of Droplette and plan to continue using it for my skincare routine”- Judy P.

Look At This Droplette User's Before And After Results Below:

Application Process

For best results, Droplette should be a part of your daily skincare routine, applied to a clean face before moisturizer and SPF.

The process is simple; think of it like your Nespresso machine:

  1. Place the serum capsule into the Droplette device
  2. Press the power button
  3. Hold the device to your face — Particles that are 100 times smaller than the width of a single hair will penetrate your skin
  4. See the results within 3-5 weeks!

Our Verdict: Is Droplette Worth It?

Overall, we’re truly impressed with the Droplette. It’s smart skincare that begins within.

After using the device along with the capsule for 6 weeks, our editors noticed a huge difference in their skin.

So, if you're looking to get your skin back on track, we highly recommend Droplette’s fantastic, non-invasive, at-home skincare routine.

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