Best in Scheduled Pet Products/Food Delivery

Best in Scheduled Pet Products/Food Delivery

As a cat owner (or my cat's pet, as he most likely believes), I delight in regular trips to the pet store to buy food, toys, nip, and litter for my beloved feline. Well, perhaps the litter purchase isn't quite as enjoyable as the other items, but you get the idea. It's always cute to see the hyper puppies panting over treats and fellow pet parents splurging on their furry babies. That said, sometimes a trip to the pet store can be difficult to fit into a busy schedule, the weather is bad, or you didn't realize you were out of litter and the store has already closed. Bad scene. That's why scheduling deliveries of your pet's needs is the best way to ensure you always have his food and other necessities on hand without worry. The company that is purr-fect for you and your pet is Petco! Their repeat delivery service can't be beat and will have your pet wagging his tail with every shipment. Learn more about the Petco program and you and your little buddy can just sit back, relax (especially the cats), and eagerly await your regularly scheduled shipments.

Scheduling deliveries with Petco is so easy… even a pet could do it. All you do is head to their website, choose the products you want for your pet, set your delivery options, and it's a go! Plus, you save up to 15% when you use the repeat delivery service. Once you set up your options, you never need to re-enter them again unless you want to add or delete any items from your order or change the delivery schedule. It's really that simple!

Petco stocks items for dogs, cats, fish, small animals, reptiles, and birds, so nearly every house pet is covered. Buy food, treats, toys, pharmacological goods, feeders, beds, leashes, crates, grooming products, cages, and more. Petco carries a wide variety of brands and styles and surely has much more to offer than your local pet shop. Customer service is extremely helpful and the site is clean and easy to use.

While you may long for your weekly visits to the pet store, you surely won't miss the hassle and extra expense. Sign up for free with Petco and never worry about your pet's well-being. Your pet will be so impressed with your membership that this time it may be you getting the belly rub!

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