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5 Best Hair Masks to Repair Dry, Winter Hair

Spring is almost here, which means it's time to fix your hair.

It's been a long winter, to say the least.

Luckily, quarantine means you've got plenty of time to treat your hair and skin to some much needed TLC. The colder months can be brutal on hair, between the dry climate and the damaging blow drying necessary to leave the house in the morning without your hair turning to icicles. It's likely you've got some dry, thirsty locks right about now.

While shampooing less frequently, detangling more gently, and using satin pillowcases can help prevent further damage, you're going to need to bring in the big guns to repair the havoc winter has already wreaked on your hair. That's where hair masks come in. Hair masks are designed to be left on the head for a longer time than regular conditioner (even overnight) and penetrate to the core of each strand of hair to repair and moisturize it from the inside out. If you pick the right one, you should be left with a mane that's soft to the touch and ultra-shiny. Here are our five favorite hair masks that work for any type of hair.

Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector

olaplex hair mask

You've probably heard the word "olaplex" if you've ever been to an upscale salon. Essentially, olaplex is a high-powered ingredient that relinks the broken bonds in every type of hair providing real, structural repair that works from within. Olaplex treatments are extremely pricey at a salon, so opt for this professional-level hair mask instead! It's also paraben-free, vegan, sulfate-free and phthalate-free.


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Verb Ghost Hair Mask

verb hair mask

This super-light hair mask won't weigh down your hair or leave behind greasy residue. According to the Strategist, Ghost products are known for giving a "healthy look for those who have dry hair from chemical processing or coloring. Like all of Ghost's products, the mask is paraben- and sulfate-free, meaning it won't dull color-treated hair; it also contains glycerin, which has a softening effect."


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R+Co Television Perfect Hair Masque

R+Co hair mask

This mask is great for all types of hair, because it uses gentle ingredients like snow mushroom extract, coconut oil, murumuru butter, pequi oil, abyssinnian oil, and olive oil. The secret ingredient here is pequi oil, which doesn't just soften hair, but actually helps to build a protective barrier around each strand. This is a particularly good choice if you have persistently frizzy hair.


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Brazilian Blowout Acai Deep Conditioning Masque

brazilian blowout hair mask

While this option comes with a slightly higher price tag, the Brazilian blowout brand is so deeply loved and trusted, good results are almost guaranteed. This is a particularly thick and rich mask, so it's best for extremely dry hair. It works by coating each hair in nutritive proteins to eliminate frizz, promote shine and guarantee the longest lasting smoothing result. It's also paraben free and safe for color-treated hair.


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It's a 10 Haircare Miracle Hair Mask

it's a 10 hair mask

If you've ever used the "It's a 10" leave in conditioning spray, then you know this brand is absolutely worth the price tag. This miracle hair mask uses sweet almond oil and linseed extract to create extremely silky hair. Online reviewers rave about the shine it offers, so if you've already got relatively straight hair and want to make it glow, this is a great option. People with color-treated hair also love this mask for its gentleness.


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