Best Free Accounting Software For Your (Really) Small Business

Best Free Accounting Software For Your (Really) Small Business

So you're finally going to start that antique thimble business you've always dreamed of. There's vendors to organize, sales and profit reports to analyze, and employees to pay. How are you going to manage your finances?

It might seem too good to be true to find a service out there that provides all your basic accounting needs for free, but Wave Accounting has been featured in top business and technology platforms including TechCrunch, Forbes, and CNBC, lauded for its ease of use and array of free features.

For small businesses that have less than ten employees, Wave Accounting is ideal. Anyone looking to raise profits starting out has to keep overhead costs to a minimum. Wave Accounting, while basic in capability, provides just enough to help you manage your small business.

Here's what you get. All on a user-friendly interface, you get accountant-approved accounting, direct syncing with your bank account, professional balance sheets and sales reports, and invoicing.

The invoicing system stores information in the cloud which regularly backs up, so you'll never have to fear losing data. You can create your own logo to personalize your invoices and choose from different templates. You can even accept credit cards on your invoices with only the standard processing fees. A great addition to Wave Accounting's invoicing is mobile invoicing. With Wave's app, you can check your overdue invoices, profits and losses all on the go.

Wave is all about eliminating paper and streamlining your accounting process. You can upload receipts to help track your expenses. Another smart way to kickstart your business is by connecting with the Wave Pro Network. It gives you access to accountants and bookkeepers that can be vital resources for you as your business grows.

For first time entrepreneurs, Wave is a fool-proof accounting system that will keep you organized so you can best plan for the future of your business. Best of luck!

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