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tower 28 save our seas hoodie

Tower 28's Commitment To Keeping Our Oceans Clean

The Save Our Seas Hoodie Helps Ocean Conservation

A good hoodie is hard to come by. My ideal sweatshirt is at least two sizes too big for me, has a terry-like interior, and is lightweight enough to wear during any season. It can be thrown over anything in a rush and I want it to look like I stole it from my imaginary boyfriend.

Not every hoodie is created when I found out that one of my favorite clean beauty brands, Tower 28, created a sweatshirt, I had to try it. The vibrant Save Our Seas Hoodie was eye-catching for many reasons, but I particularly was impressed by the bright red lifeguard-esque coloring. It was the perfect hoodie for summer aesthetically- but would it stand my comfort test?

Named after their bestselling Save.Our.Skin (S.O.S) line, which highlights hypochlorous acid as the main event in a surprisingly simplistic routine, the Save Our Seas Hoodie will instantly become a staple in your closet. And if I didn't sell you already, 100% of the proceeds go towards Heal The Bay for ocean conservation.

What is Heal The Bay?

Founded by Dorothy Green in 1985, Heal The Bay is based in Santa Monica, California and is dedicated to protecting coastal waters and watersheds of Southern California.

The nonprofit organization focuses on reducing water pollution, protecting fragile coastal and watershed habitats, and improving water quality throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Notably, Heal The Bay annually releases a report card on the water quality at beaches along the Pacific Coast. If you're looking to take a trip to one of Cali's popular beaches, HTB also releases weekly and daily report cards for the more prominent destinations.

The Perfect Pairing

Tower 28 hoodieTower 28 Hoodie Tower 28 Beauty

When founder and CEO of Tower 28 Beauty, Amy Liu, created the brand, she had sensitive skin in mind. Since then, she's created one of the most viral clean skincare and makeup brands on the market right now. Liu, a Californian herself, named the brand after a local Santa Monica lifeguard stand.

With Heal The Bay's focus being in Santa Monica, this pairing just makes sense. Liu says,

“It’s a privilege to support a cause so close to our hearts + home! Tower 28 is named after a real lifeguard tower on Santa Monica Beach. We’re committed to creating thoughtful and environmentally sound beauty and have fully made the transition to use a minimum of 50% up to 100% recycled plastic in our product packaging!”

So, not only is the Tower 28 sweatshirt trendy...but it's for a good cause. A win-win purchase that will instantly become a summer staple. Buy it exclusively on Tower 28's site for a limited time, so get it before it sells out!

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