Why Women Are Switching From Skims To Honeylove

Why Women Are Switching From Skims To Honeylove

  • Honeylove is changing the shapewear game with their line of inclusive sculptwear designed to provide comfort, support, and confidence
  • Some of our editors initially went to Skims for curve-defining attire, but thanks to their innovative designs Honeylove is the clear favorite
  • Read below to see why you need to try Honeylove

Thanks to the Kardashian clan and their hoard of influencers, everyone and their mama knows about Skims. The brand’s knits, loungewear, and shapewear have hit so many of our editors’ fave lists and closet rotations.

But, we need alternatives. The brand’s prices are affordable, but still pricey for products that don’t work well (we found their Shapewear to roll down). While some of their stuff is mega-flattering, we knew there had to be another brand out there doing similar stuff.

After a ton of research, we finally found a brand we were all ecstatic about: Honeylove.

For innovative shapewear that can go under your clothes or even pants, their iconic Sculptwear lets you be your best self — for holidays, special occasion parties and everyday.

Here’s why you’ll fall for Honeylove, especially if you’re a fan of the curve-defining Skims:

All Day Comfort With Innovative Tech

Want comfortable compression in all the right places? Without struggling with fabric that rolls down or shapewear that's rough on your spine? Yup, we found it. Honeylove's supportive SoftFlex tech makes every woman feel confident, supported, and free.

The flexible boning means there’s no poking or pinching. The highly-praised SuperPower Short truly sculpts your entire body from below your breasts to above the knee! The short will never roll down so you can easily move, bend, and stretch.

Tons of Styles

Beyond the bestselling SuperPower Short, Honeylove offers bras, tanks, thongs, leggings, and so much more! And everything is gorgeous.

For up top support, get the underwire-free CrossOver Bra in Fig or the LiftWear Cami in Stonewash Blue. Pair any of these easily with the stylish SuperPower Short in Runway - a black criss-cross mesh affair that will have you feeling sexy all day or all night.

High Quality (At A Better Price!)

We appreciated the way that Skims made us look, but after a while, we just couldn’t justify spending $100 on a plain dress. They recommend wearing their shapewear underneath. So, to get the full effect of their outfits, you’ve gotta layer everything - which definitely adds up.

Honeylove has sculptwear for underneath your clothes as well as built-ins like Camis and Leggings that you can wear on their own. Plus, some of the support from Skims is provided by silicone grip bands that can create bulges. Honeylove’s pieces isn’t bulky and the fabric doesn’t pill like some of Skims’ blends.

Skims has a wide range of stylish products, but when it comes to Sculptwear, Honeylove is the way to go.

Stay comfy and look sexy with sculptwear that lasts - from Honeylove.

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