Best Online Nanny/ Sitter Search Service

Best Online Nanny/ Sitter Search Service

The day will inevitably come when you will have to leave your little bundle of joy/rugrat with a babysitter. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to have a family member, close friend, or neighbor watch the kid. Where's a responsible parent to turn? 16-year-old Tiffany Teenybopper from your step aerobics class isn't gonna cut it if you want your child to get the proper care and nurturing he deserves while you and your significant other are out for cocktails. That's why signing up with a reputable online sitter service is the tried and true way to go. We're not talking Craigslist for babysitters here - you don't want to make it to the 6 o'clock news. There are a number of highly reputable and well-vetted sites out there where you can find a trustworthy sitter for your mini me. Of those, two are standouts and we've got our #1.

Why do we care for Care.com? Care launched in the U.S. in 2007 and was founded by mom and entrepreneur, Sheila Marcelo. You may have seen the smiling Shelia in the Care.com TV commercials during your daytime talk shows. Not only is Care.com available in the U.S., but parents in need of caregivers can find a match in 16 countries! Not only does Care.com match families with sitters in their area who are extensively checked for safety and quality, but they offer pet care, home care, adult and senior care, and even last minute care with their Care-on-Call service. Membership is very reasonable at $35/month or options for $70 for 3 months or $140 for 12 months. To make payment simple, parents can opt for Care.com's HomePay service where payments may be made online. Parents can view detailed profiles, background checks, reviews, and more, and exchange messages with potential sitters. As “the world's largest online marketplace for finding and managing family care", Care.com is making a U.S. match every 2 minutes. At that rate, you may very well be their next success story! Care.com truly does care about their members and their children.

Another sitter service making parents smile is Sitter City. Pricing is exactly the same as Care.com. Since 2001, Sitter City has been matching families with babysitters across the U.S. at a rate of 1 every 3 seconds (sheesh, parents really want to get out of the house!). Sitter City offers full- and part-time nannies, babysitters, after-school sitters, and last minute care. With a membership, parents can message potential sitters, run background checks, read reviews, and post jobs, just like with Care.com. Unlike Care.com, Sitter City does not offer pet, home, or adult/elderly care. Other than that, the two sites have a good deal in common, but the added perks of Care.com's offerings for other care needs puts Care.com on top.

So go ahead… Make a reservation at your favorite restaurant because you're about to leave your kiddo with a savvy sitter from Care.com!

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