3 Reasons Why HomeServe Is the Go-To Home Warranty Company

As cliché as it may sound, the phrase "your home is your castle" is true in numerous ways. (And everyone in my home knows, I'm the queen.) It's your fortress, your soft place to land, and it protects you and your family. Now while your house probably lacks a moat and armed guards, it's definitely your responsibility to take care of it. And in the non-royal, modern world, that means having insurance policies and perhaps a home warranty plan.

For over 15 years, HomeServe has been a trusted name in the home repair solutions game. We've been offering homeowners the opportunity to put repair plans in place, so that they are financially prepared to address the financial burdens that come with breakdowns. HomeServe understands you can rarely predict the bill in those situations. So that's why we now offer home warranty plans for appliances and home systems.

Here are three key reasons why HomeServe should be your one-stop-shop for home warranty plans:

1. Home warranty coverage for your whole home - or the areas you want to protect the most

You've got plenty of choices when it comes to picking a home warranty; you'll won't be stuck with a one-size-fits-all option.

- If you do need a plan for your home at large, the Combo Plan will be perfect. A lot could go wrong with either your home's systems - heating, cooling, internal plumbing, ductwork, interior electrical wiring and others. And then there's the appliances - the washer and dryer, kitchen refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, range and so on. That's why being prepared before those failures or breakdowns occur is a smart strategy.

- Want something less comprehensive that still addresses commonly interconnected systems? No problem. If you choose the Systems Plan, which includes heating, cooling, internal plumbing, ductwork, interior electrical wiring in addition to the garbage disposal, attic and ceiling fans, doorbell system, central vacuum system and hot water heater.

- Are you more concerned about your appliances always functioning at their top capacity? Not a problem: The Appliances Plan can help you with costs of covered repairs for the fridge, oven, range/cooktop, washer, dryer, dishwasher, built-in microwave, trash compactor or garage door opener.

2. Home repair availability throughout North America

Relationships are crucial in business, and putting in the work to establish good ones is how HomeServe manages to offer truly beneficial home repair plans. More than 600 partners - municipal agencies, utility companies and other associations - work together with HomeServe to provide vital repair services to customers all over the U.S. and in Canada.

Additionally, we have local, licensed technicians providing services whenever possible. Which allows HomeServe the ability to reach over 4 million customers - who together have purchased more than 5.6 million individual plans - and ensure best-in-class emergency repairs no matter what part of a client's home is affected by a given situation.

3. HomeServe's commitment to customer satisfaction

According to Bankrate's financial security index survey from January 2018, only 39% of Americans comfortably believe they have the necessary savings to handle a financial emergency of $1,000 or more. The needle probably hasn't changed much since then, which makes the assistance HomeServe offers more valuable than ever.

At HomeServe, we are committed to solving customers' problems quickly and efficiently. With a 24/7 repair hotline, we're there for you. Also, whenever someone isn't totally satisfied, the lingering issues will be addressed as soon - and as comprehensively - as possible. That's part of why HomeServe can boast accreditation (and an A+ rating!) from the Better Business Bureau.

In the event that your appliances or home systems require professional help, it's best to be prepared with a home warranty plan. See how plans from Total Home Warranty can help with the costs of covered appliance and home system repairs.

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