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What Should You Wear to Coachella 2024?

Coachella is far more than a music festival; it’s a carefully planned event.

Fans who are lucky enough to score tickets for the California concert extravaganza put an insane amount of care into their outfits. After all, the music festival only happens once a year, so attendees aren’t afraid to go all out with their fashion choices to make the memories count.

Plus, with the rise of social media use, it’s no secret that the concert will be highly documented. So why not get camera-ready with the best Coachella fit possible?

Believe it or not, Coachella wasn’t always synonymous with outlandish outfits worn by concert attendees. Once upon a time, festival-goers would wear their most basic shorts and tees.

Eventually, flower crowns and bohemian fits became all the rage and for many years, the festival outfit of choice took on a hippie/boho aesthetic. Now, as time has spun its web, the trends have shifted. What are the hottest looks dominating Coachella 2024?

Bust Out Your Cowboy Boots, Ladies and Gents

Last year, everyone and their mother embraced all things pink in preparation for the heavily anticipated Barbie movie. The hyper-feminine Y2K aesthetic was celebrated by men and women the world over, and this style has persisted long after the film’s release.

But move over, Barbie - there’s a new trend in town. Just what is the aesthetic that’s all the rage these days? The cowboy aesthetic, yeehaw. Following the release of Beyonce’s latest country album, Country Carter, there’s been a huge appreciation lately for cowboy culture.

Check out your clothing stores. Everywhere you go, there’s an explosion of denim, Wild West patterns, and cowboy boots.

Expect to see a bunch of country-centric looks for Coachella 2024. If you want to join the trend, be sure to check out Nordstrom’s Western Wear section. Urban Outfitters also has some great country-esque options that are perfect for the Cali-Summer weather.

Pastel, Ribbons, and All Things Vintage

Lana Del Rey’s one of the most highly anticipated Coachella 2024 acts, so throngs are sure to adopt the aesthetic of her latest album, Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd.? (2023).

Since she arrived on the scene circa 2012, the “Cinnamon Girl” songstress has seen a serious style evolution over the years that often has nostalgic flare.

Her ability to take us back in time to decades when most of us weren’t even born is just one of the many parts of Del Rey’s magic. We’ve seen it all, from her flower crown 60s look of the “Born To Die” era to her Old Hollywood vibe in her 2015 “Honeymoon” era.

Her most recent record embraces a radicallyi different look, as dedicated Del Rey fans know. Her latest look has a country-vintage appeal that Del Rey stans are only too happy to emulate. Think flirty white dresses with vintage ribbons in your hair. (Note: The ribbons are an essential accessory for this look.)

Why not go classic with the boho-flower crown look?

Woodstock (1969) is the most seminal music festival in the history of time. Its influence has trickled into modern-day music festivals across the country. These music paloozas are synonymous with the boho/hippie era when it all began.

So it makes sense to honor what’s now considered the classic Woodstock cut. Some call the flower crown look cliche for Coachella. We call it timeless.

The ‘Sheer’ Audacity!

The fashion gods have spoken: Sheer is in, baby! This bold look has been heavily embraced by pop stars and movie stars alike, from Dua Lipa and Florence Pugh to Timothee Chalamet and Troye Sivan.

When it comes to the sheer trend, feel free to go as bold or as modest as you’re comfortable with. There are endless options for this stylish-as-ever look. Just be prepared for all the compliments you’re gonna get, because there’s likely to be a lot.

Y2K, all day, every day

Of course, with “No Doubt” headlining for Coachella 2024, how could we not add Y2K outfits to the list? Get out your favorite crop top, and pair it with baggy pants or your favorite boho skirt. Get creative with your hair and makeup, using “No Doubt” music videos as inspo. (Note: Those early-2000s hairstyles are funky.)

But “No Doubt” isn’t the only heavily anticipated act with a Y2K vibe. Although Doja Cat came onto the scene only a handful of years ago, it’s no secret that she has a serious early-2000s vibe going on.

Her latest album has a major Y2K influence, particularly evident in her “Agoura Hills” music video (which can also be used as a spectacular style guide.) Hair bandanas, statement sunglasses, and crystal face jewels are excellent additions to this nostalgic look.

Keepin' it comfy and practical

All the more power to Coachella attendees who treat the concert like a fashion show. But at the same time, some people just want to hang in their most comfy clothing so they can simply focus on the music - and hey, that’s perfectly okay, too!

When it comes to music festivals in general, they can sometimes be outrageously crowded, muggy, and sweat-inducing. It’s likely to be hot in the California summer while surrounded by thousands of other concert-goers, you’re gonna want to go with breezy, short-sleeved options along with your preferred pair of shorts. While you may not be dressed to impress, you’ll be breezier than the rest.

Most importantly, when it comes to comfort, think shoes. Since you’ll be on your feet for hours and hours, bring a good, sturdy pair that won’t blister your heels and that you can walk around in and bask in the fantastic scene that is Coachella 2024.

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