Hailey Bieber style

Our 2024 Spring Style Icons

Something happens during the drift from winter to spring that makes me want to evolve. There’s the urge to spring clean it all, where I want to gouge my entire apartment of all clutter…but there’s something about the slightly warmer weather that reignites my vitality.

Suddenly, I’m all about waking up early and exercise. I’m spending time outdoors and taking more Hot Girl Walks after a long fallow period. But, more importantly, I’m filling online shopping cart after online shopping cart with my dream warm-weather-wardrobe.

And while the trend forecast for the spring is 60s-inspired tweed suit skirts and even a resurgence of the mini-skirt, I’m paying close attention to what celebs are wearing. Because there’s no better harbinger of trends-to-come than the trendsetters themselves.

Think of the Kar-Jenner clan, or Hailey Bieber, or Bella Hadid, or any model really. Once they say something is cool, it’s about to become the next sold-out product. And whether you like them or not, brands use celebrities as marketing tools for their next trend shift all the time.

So, it doesn’t hurt to bite your pride and join the crowd. Actually, it feels pretty good to catch a trend early if you’re paying attention. And since spring has arrived, it’s high time to take a look at our 2024 spring style icons.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton 2024

Paris Hilton signs an autograph for a young fan


Paris Hilton is an icon, there’s no doubt about it. After stepping out for the Jason Lee event on March 26, Paris proved that the event was the only thing that was star-studded. In a black cami sheath beneath a sheer, long-sleeved, studded gown, this is the moment.

Cardi B

Cardi B Style

Cardi B at the Jason Lee event


At the very same Jason Lee event, Cardi B also broke out the studs in a pink bodycon dress. If there’s one takeaway from the Jason Lee event, it’s that studs are back in a big way.


There’s something about a hooded fur-statement coat that will always work for me. Rihanna makes running errands looks chic in a pair of jeans, an oversized tee, heels, and, of course, the mob wife aesthetic jacket.

Emily Ratajkowski 

In my Spring Fashion Insights, I noted that disco is back. That includes sequins and chain-metal dresses. Emrata proves my point even further with this hot chain-link maxi by Bode.

Hailey Bieber

We’re constantly wondering what Hailey is up to. As the face of FILA, I love the athleisure moments she’s been modeling lately. The pleated mini-skirt is perfect for the spring and I’m loving that rugby cropped top.

Kylie Jenner 

We’re in the last few weeks where you can comfortably wear leather without sweating. Kylie has been tapping into the leather game lately with Khy, so it’s no surprise to see her in this all leather look.

Kendall Jenner 

Normally, I’m not obsessed with Kendall Jenner’s style…but something’s shifted lately. She’s stunned me with her outfit execution, like this vintage Mugler suit-dress. Red is a popular color this year, and Kendall shows us how it’s done.

Taylor Swift

Again, not a huge fan of Taylor Swift’s stylist…but she can have her moments when it comes to street style. This pleated skort will remain huge in the spring, and we do all want to dress like Taylor Swift.

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