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The 5 Best Board Games for Quarantine

We got a lot of time to kill these days, so here are some boardgames to help

Looks like we all might be staying in for a while.

With the coronavirus wrecking havoc across the globe, chances are many Americans are racking their brains about how to spend their time indoors. Sure, you can "work on yourself," but that most likely will only kill a few hours. Luckily, there are so many fantastic board games to kill time during these seemingly endless days.

Board games are especially vital to keep you and your quarantined loved ones from killing each other. So to help ease the unease, here are some of the best, most-time consuming board games to play during quarantine.

Code Names

This descriptive guessing game splashed with a little bit of spy intrigue is the perfect way to kill time with a lot of people. Players split into red and blue teams, with one player on each time randomly selected to be spymaster. The other players remain operatives.

The game map consists of 25 colored squares comprised of random words. From there, the spymasters are given a randomly made map card, which shows a 5x5 grid of the game map. On each turn, the spymaster gives verbal hints about the words on the map. Only one word and a number, and their operatives need to select the word they believe to be correct. It uses the perfect amount of brainpower and is a blast to play when you're drunk.

Settlers of Catan

It's impossible to exist on this earth without having heard of Catan. Critically acclaimed, the board game is so popular it went on to spawn multiple reboots and even a movie. Clever trading, tactical skill and luck are all required for you to successfully colonize your foes. The length of the game is solely dependent on the skills of your competitors, but legend has it one Catan game lasted as long as 48 hours.

Trivial Pursuit

​If you're more of a traditionalist, Trivial Pursuit is a perfect game for those willing to flex their brains. From Geography, and Entertainment, to History and Art and Leisure, there are enough categories to keep those juices flowing all day.


We had to have one of these on here, because chances are if you're smart you're playing all of these a little tipsy regardless. Drink-A-Palooza combines multiple drinking games all into one board, and the winner is merely who walks away the booziest.


One of the hardest games to do drunk. Originally introduced in 1965, Operation has remained a timeless gem that will undoubtedly test the wits of everyone around you.

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