The Best Gift for Any Man in Your Life

The Best Gift for Any Man in Your Life

Every year, I struggle with gifts for those special guys in my life. It doesn't matter if they have everything or nothing, I still have no idea what to buy them. I'm almost 100% sure my dad doesn't want another sweater. My husband, well, he's lucky if he gets any gift that doesn't end up becoming another toy for the kids. When I asked my male co-workers for examples of what to get for the men in my family, the conversation took a hilarious turn towards what not to get for them. They each came up with some pretty awful standard gifts they had received through the years. For example: an Olive Garden gift card, Paul Blart: Mall Cop on Blu-Ray, and a bucket of stale kettlecorn. I still want to get them something nice and useful. Recently, I discovered something with quality, style, and a totally reasonable price – Harry's razors.

Harry's is a modern company that specializes in shaving. They have high-quality, customized blades made in their own German factory and nice handles to choose from. They cost less than your standard razor, but they look so much better. Their design is fun with an assortment of vibrant colors, but also refined and classic. This means I won't mind seeing my husbands razor on my bathroom sink, my younger brother will think its cool, and my father-in-law will be okay with the change since he'll get something that looks like his other razors, but works even better.

Aside from Harry's being a versatile gift, the best part is the cost. You can buy a Truman Set for $15 and it comes with a colored handle of your choice, extra blades, and shaving gel – a perfect package at a perfect price! If you want to spend a little more, The Winston Set is a high-grade aluminum handle, an upscale version for the more traditional guy on your list that you can engrave for personalized touch . If he's a serious shaver, you can get the handle engraved. There are also a lot of a-la-carte options for different products they offer, if you want to create your own gift basket. There's even a fancy little razor stand that my husband is getting, which will help him leave less of a mess in the bathroom.

I'm happy I found Harry's because it fits the list for any guy. The small sets are an awesome choice for any man in your life, combining a "something you want" and "something you actually need." And Harry's always offers free shipping, so that you don't have to navigate through the crowded mall before you rush home after work. Now I can actually his special day and not feel so stressed out the day before. Thanks, Harry's!

Click here to check out The Truman Set on Harry's website.

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