The Best Shoes For Sandy Beaches

The Best Shoes For Sandy Beaches

Sandals don't have to be uncool.

Now that summer is finally here it's time to hit the beach! Don't let hot sand get in your way. Head out in style and comfort with these great sand loving options. Whether you're lounging in the sun or looking for some water filled activities, here are some great shoes for the job.


Tevas come in a wide variety of colors and styles.


These versatile shoes are great both on and off the beach. They live up to the name "the Universal Sandal" because of their convenience, affordability, comfort, arch support, and style. You can walk around in these all day without your feet hurting and they come in a variety of styles and colors. The best part is, they're waterproof! You can wear them for all sorts of water activities while protecting your feet and letting them dry easily. Tevas last years and look great doing it.


The soft material is perfect for lightweight sandals.


Plaka sandals have been earning a cult following since people discovered their 2,000+ Amazon reviews. It's easy to see why. These sandals are affordable while delivering on style and comfort. The effortless beachy and boho vibe is versatile, and you can wear these sandals in any situation. With affordable pricing you can get one in every color, and there are plenty of colors to choose from.

Old Navy


You want to throw something on your feet and have it be cheaper than a cup of coffee? You can't go wrong with Old Navy's classic flip flops. Averaging around $2 you can own a pair in every color of the rainbow! They're the ultimate affordable option and hold up for a surprisingly long time – I've had mine for 5+ years. They're comfortable, they're cheap, they're cute, and are great for lounging poolside or at the beach. These shoes are beloved best sellers and definitely worth a try.


The Isabella sandal comes in colors like paradise pink and tropical teal.


Crocs I know... I know, but hear me out about these sandals. They're actually cute! Not only are they cute, feminine, and summery but they are perfect for the beach. Crocs specialize in ultra comfort shoes and these are no exception. You'll have so much support you'll want to wear them all day whenever you can. Whether you're walking in the surf and sand, or you're heading to the office, these will look cute and keep you comfortable.


Effortlessly stylish and comfortable as well.


If you're a big fan of flip flops then you can't do much better than Rainbows. They've been the classic leather flip flop since the 70's and while the price tag might seem too high; these shoes will last you for years to come. They're dedicated to a high quality product and once the sole's leather is molded to your foot's shape, these will be your most comfortable shoes. They're classic, stylish, supportive, and worth the investment.

So grab your sandals and get out there! Enjoy everything the summer has to offer, and live your best beach bum life.

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