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5 Reasons We Highly Recommend Thuma For Your Next Bed

Your bed is the most used piece of furniture in your home; you deserve to be in love with yours.

It's difficult to find a gorgeous bed that's both timeless and built to last, but we think we did; The Bed by Thuma.

Elegant and sophisticated, it goes with any decor, but it's the quality craftsmanship that really makes this an easy choice.

Here are 5 reasons you should invest in the refined masterpiece that is The Bed:

  1. Beautiful, Timeless Design

  2. It feels very now, but it also won't go out of style in a year, thanks to its minimal design, clean lines, subtle curves, and simple silhouette.

  3. High-Quality Materials

  4. The Bed is made of 100% upcycled rubberwood in a neutral, natural walnut color that's meant to last a lifetime. The Bed's Pillowboard has a choice of two interchangeable and washable linen-weave covers in a Light Linen and Dark Charcoal.

  5. Easy Assembly & Disassembly

  6. the bed by thuma living room

    If you've never heard about Japanese Joinery, you're in for a surprise; it's incredibly simple. Each piece of wood is perfectly carved to lock into the other pieces, so it's assembled in minutes, without tools or the crutch of metal hardware. That also makes for convenient transport if you ever need to move.

  7. Thoughtful Details

  8. The platform leaves plenty of storage space, the legs have pre-applied cork-padded bottoms for floor protection, the edges have smooth corners for shin protection, and The Slats are cushioned for superior support and noise reduction. Everything adds up to a great sleeping and living experience.

  9. Good For The Environment

  10. To minimize our individual carbon footprints, it's becoming increasingly important to invest in high-quality pieces instead of buying multiple versions over the years. The Bed, by Thuma, comes with a lifetime warranty, in the hopes that it rarely ends up part of the 10 million tons of yearly furniture waste. It's Greenguard Gold certified, which means it's better for the environment and better for you and arrives in recyclable packaging without styrofoam. Plus, Thuma works with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every bed sold.

The Bed by Thuma has no downsides; we're giving it a glowing recommendation for its convenience, style, and quality. It'll shine in a minimalist bedroom, but we love to see it as a breath of fresh air in a maximalist or highly stylized space.

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