The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: 2024 Fashion Trend Predictions

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: 2024 Fashion Trend Predictions

Time to untie those bows, besties, and embrace the Mob Wife trend

Much has been said about microtrends and their ephemerality; TikTok and its #cores; and fast fashion and its inevitable rise. But not enough has been said about the crushing overwhelm of being a fashion lover in an increasingly unpredictable fashion world.

Anyone who is passionate about clothes knows the golden rule: trends change, style is forever. And we all know people who break it — the trend chasers whose daily dressing habits are more influenced by the style du jour than their own personalities. Most of us have even been there on our fashion journey.

However, though true taste is trendless, there’s nothing like the rush of inspiration you get when factoring a new fashion trend into your outfit rotation. Suddenly, with the addition of a hair bow or a ballet flat, all your old clothes feel brand new again. Your clothing rack vibrates with possibility. You jump out of bed like Grandpa Joe in Willy Wonka, spritely with a newfound eagerness to get dressed. Who doesn’t feel like that? Yet, relying on trends dilutes your originality and pollutes the planet. There’s a careful balance we’re all trying to strike.

If you’re anything like me, trends have become less inspiring and more exhausting. Does trend fatigue exist? If so, I might have it. Not everything has to be a TikTok #core — that’s the business I stand on.

Plus, like the secret lives of fashion girlies on Tumblr and blogs before TikTok, many of these trends don’t really exist outside of the internet. They pass through our screens, reflecting the sartorial whims of girls in their bedrooms, then quickly fade away. But the sensationalism around them becomes more newsworthy than the trend itself. How can you know what people are actually wearing? How can you tune out the noise and wear what feels good while indulging in experimentation?

Trend forecasting.

Trend forecasters have become like TikTok celebrities and have even spawned mem accounts on Instagram. The best forecasters analyze the science behind trends by pouring through data — turns out AI is good for something. They analyze runway show patterns, google searches, and product sales to tell you what people are actually wearing.

To get a complete survey of what 2024 fashion has in store, I dove deep into fashion theory and devoured data that aims to predict what we will be wearing this year. Some of these trends I’ll be buying, yet others I will be happy to skip.


All that glitters is gold: Sparkles aren’t going away, so keep your holiday wear around. Taylor Swift’s recent looks, from her birthday party to her Golden Globes Gucci gown, have skyrocketed the interest in sparkly dresses. I have been eyeing the Clio Peppiatt dress she wore to her birthday dinner for years … but unfortunately haven’t found the occasion (or the money) to buy a $2000 party dress yet. There’s always someday.

A new coquette trend: Bows blew up at the end of 2023. Hair bows, bag bows, girl dinner bows … we got carried away. So we will need to untie our bows, besties. But girlish whimsy is still in for 2024. So expect to see big floral appliques. The It-Girls have been wearing rosette chokers around their necks and on their bags. Will this be the year of fashion corsages?


Would you try this trend? 👀 #rosettes #nyfw #katespade #springfashioninspo

Distressed and disheveled: People have been predicting Indie Sleaze’s revival for years but it hasn’t completely panned out. We should expect it in stages, not all at once. The rockstar girlfriend aesthetic had its moment last year thanks to Daisy Jones and the Six, and this year we’re mixing our love of The Row with our love of nostalgia. Mary Kate and Ashley’s early- 2000s style will be a guiding light, from their beat-up Birkins to their messy hair and oversized, artfully disheveled silhouettes.

Business casual: Aka #RecessionCore or #OfficeSiren or even #SnarkySecretary. The looks that go day to night. Suits and kitten heels at the club. It’s all very 2009, but with “Murder on the Dancefloor” back on the charts, what else should we expect? Ties and vests are already in, expect your clothes this year to work hard, play hard.

Unfortunately, quiet luxury:Stealth wealth and Old Money are here to stay — thanks in no small part to Succession, White Lotus, and Sofia Richie Grainge. Another element of #RecessionCore, the wealthy use stealth wealth to signal to each other their status while hiding it from the rest of us. Now, everyone’s trying it. So whether you get your plain white button-down from Zara or The Row, try embracing the sustainability that comes with this mindset. Maybe this is why capsule wardrobes are in again. Buying fewer, better items might be a higher cost upfront, but they’ll last forever and they’ll always be in style.

But also … mob wife: In stark contrast to quiet luxury, the mob wife trend is already one of the most viral looks of 2024. Characterized by animal print, giant furs, acrylics, and hoops, this kitschy, tacky aesthetic is another one that glamorizes money but not so much the discretion of old money or the discernment of taste. It’s fun. Honestly, it’s refreshing. Will fashion finally be playful again?


Eclectic Grandpa Core: This is actually a gender-neutral trend, but it has its roots in menswear. The New Balance craze was just the start. Expect to see the hottest people you know in the dumpiest cardigans and quilted coats. #Grandpacore is also a celebration of the eclectic, weird style of people who have just lived longer than us. So don’t just stop at Bode for this one, really pay attention to your own style and, like many older folks, stop giving a crap what other people think.


Call it a hipster comeback but don’t underestimate the power of a big vintage sweater. Eclectic Grandpa is @pinterest’s trend prediction for 2024 and we’re loving it! #eclecticgrandpa #pinterestpredicts #pinterestpredicts2024 #menstyle #menfashion #menspersonalstylist #confidence

Loud Luxury: While womenswear is grungy and grey this year, men’s fashion is the most interesting its been in years. Colors, prints, and textures are everywhere — and the glitzier the better. Think Travis Kelce style. He’s pretty much dressing like a toned-down version of peak Pete Davidson. It’s weird, it’s wonderful, and it’s more normal to be more weird. And to flex a little while you do it.

Gorpcore: You don’t have to hike to wear hiking shoes. Salomon and Arc’teryx are still on their rapid rise, so expect to see more tactical wear at your local wine bar.

Big big fits: I told you already: dudes, widen that denim! Oversized pants have been in for a while, but while you’re at it, oversize everything. The bigger the silhouette, the bigger the fit. But remember, there’s a difference between oversized and the wrong size. Go see a tailor about it.

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