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Easy Hairstyles In 10 Minutes Or Less

I’ve never been the most talented hairstylist. My non-nimble fingers and shaky hands mean I can never accomplish intricate braids. At this point, my hairstyles are limited to variations of your average ponytail.

My styling ineptitude even extends to curling my hair. Self-curling irons barely work and it’s like I’m cursed once I try to touch them. I’ve mastered the blow dry brush and the straightener, but my capabilities are limited beyond that.

And while I would love to be one of the TikTok influencer types who wear trendy half-up, half-downs, and chignon-esque twists…I simply can’t work a claw clip in the ways others can. But I’m tired of wearing my hair naturally, especially when I’ve had the deepest sleep of my life and my natural hair is unruly.

Thanks to TikTok, however, I’ve learned a trick or two about an easy hairstyle for those who have no styling talents. A few of my favorites, since you asked:

  • Styling second-day hair makes a difference in how the style holds
  • Investing in a styling cream can change your life
  • Always make sure to part your hair with a comb

These tips may seem silly, but they are the difference makers when it comes to a clean style. A little patience goes a long way when you’re doing your hair, so don’t get upset if you have to try a few times before it works. Trust me, I’ve been practicing for my entire 25 years and barely know what to do.

If you’re tired of the same old-same old, you don’t have to succumb to the messy bun. Having your hair look intentional can be the icing on the cake for your outfit — it’s the accessory you never knew you needed.

Here are some easy hairstyles to achieve for busy, hair-inept people like myself.

Get accessorizing

Yes, they’re back again. Your classic thick Scunci headbands sold at your local drugstore are trending and are a simple way to spice up your hair look. Pull out a few strands of hair after you put it on for an effortless style.

But that’s not the only way to accessorize instead of styling your hair. Bandanas are versatile and trendy ways to cover your bedhead and disguise it as chic. There are about a million different ways to tie a bandana on your head, here are a few of my favorites:

@catalinatrez Bows for Winter are so cute 🥹🎀💗🎄❄️🧚🏻♀️🧸 #easyhairstyles #easyhairstyle #bowhairstyle #christmas #toddlermom #momsoftiktok #trending #fyp #viral #grwm ♬ Snowman (Sped Up Version) - sped up nightcore

Utilize your claw clip

Okay, even I can achieve these simple claw clip hairstyles that take less than one minute. One of my favorites is to section the top half of my hair out for a half up, half down look. Once you have your hair sectioned off, twist it and pull it up, then clip your claw underneath your hair and let the ponytail flow over the clip.

This TikTok has some of my favorite claw clip hair trends that are super easy to accomplish:

@kbellbeauty my lazy girl hair look tbh
♬ original sound - Kaitlynn Bell

Mini ponytails

If you’re short on time, section off the top of your hair into two parts. From there, you can use a comb to brush your hair back into two mini ponytails on top of your head. This gives you a ton of added volume and is a fun twist on a half up style.

There are tons of variations of the mini ponies, including easy braid hacks like this:

@annaianniello6 IG: annaianniello SEGUITEMI per tanto tanto altro! 💖 SALVA & CONDIVIDI il video 👯♀️ La prima persona che taggherai nel video dovrà fartela!! #hairstylehacks #hairstylesideas #hairstyletutorial #hairtok #hairtips #hairtutorial #hairhack #hairstyle #hair ♬ suono originale - 448542

Easy braids

While I may not be a braider, this doesn’t mean you aren’t. I’m going to save myself the embarrassment and let @mariaaiellohair on TikTok kindly show you how to achieve this one!

@mariaaiellohair #2023hairtrends #easyhairstyles #DoritosTriangleTryout #winterhairstyle #braidstutorial #easybraidtutorial #quickhairstyle #springhairtrends #easybraids #easybraidstyle #cutehairstyles #gymhairstyles #foryoupage #fyp ♬ Don't Let Me Down - The Chainsmokers

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