6 DevaCurl Products You Can't Live Without

We all want Illana's hair, and here's how you get it.

For 25 years the DevaCurl brand has symbolized a new world.

A world where frizz and split ends are nonexistent, where people of all hair types can vivify their hair with voluptuous volume. A world where the frizzy, untamed curls passed down through generations can finally be celebrated and molded into their ideal forms. "Authenticity is something organic and natural, and Deva has that," said DevaCurl's CEO Robert Schaeffler. In a time where natural texture is the most sought after look in hair care, people have begun to distance themselves from greasy gels in favor of a healthier, more organic look via creams, clays and oils. "[DevaCurl] is one of the only pure brands out there...it's so hyperfocused on one part of the hair category."

All of DevaCurl's products are made from natural ingredients, such as oat, coconut oil, and rosemary, but there are many products to choose from. It can be slightly overwhelming, especially because there are so many minute variations of curly hair. To help break through the noise, we've compiled a list of the best DevaCurl products for those looking to truly invest in their hair. Check out the list below so you can be on your way to breaking your D.C. virginity!

DevaCurl Heaven In Hair Deep Conditioner

For hair to remain healthy and vibrant, it is imperative for conditioner to make more of a daily appearance than shampoo. Many shampoos strip away our hair's moisture and natural oils, making it more difficult to curl and stylize. A good conditioner is one of the most necessary tools in figuring out how to control your hair. With another product that's perfect for all curls, DevaCurl's Heaven In Hair Deep Conditioner once again strikes the perfect balance of moisture and control, while making sure not to weigh hair down.

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