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Strangest Exercise Trends

Explore the wacky world of fitness.

Every day there seems to be some new exercise trend making waves throughout fitness circles.

From CrossFit to hot yoga, people are always finding new ways to burn calories and spend copious amounts of money on anything other than a gym membership. While many of these fitness fads make sense, some of them are bizarre. Here are the strangest exercise trends currently making the rounds.

Ganja Yoga

ganja yoga weed

Designed for fitness enthusiasts who really want to feel the burn, Ganja Yoga combines yoga and toking up. That's basically it. You smoke weed and then you do yoga, which probably opens all your chakras, or at the very least gets you high enough to believe that. So if you like exercising and you also like smoking weed, why not do both at the same time?

High-Intensity Interval Painting


HIIT or high-intensity interval training is an incredibly effective type of workout programming that alternates short periods of intense exercise with longer recovery periods. HIIP or high-intensity interval painting is that but with painting for some reason. It's hard to imagine the finished painting would be anything short of terrible, but it sounds fun enough to try.

Morning Raving

morning rave

Imagine if instead of taking ecstasy and going to a midnight rave until the wee hours of the morning, you could drink some coffee and go to a rave at 6:30 AM. Well now you can, and some people do that in place of exercising. To be fair, considering how sweaty most raves tend to get, it probably does constitute a legitimate cardio workout.

Lagree Fitness Megaformer

lagree megaformer

From the mind of strange-looking French fitness innovator Sebastian Lagree comes the Megaformer, a massive workout machine supposedly loved by Kim Kardashian. It seems to be used for Pilates amongst other workouts, but the machine is such a weird, expensive monstrosity that it's hard to believe anyone would spend the money on it.

Water Walking

water walking

The ultimate experience for people who like the idea of walking around on top of a pool in a giant inflatable ball, WaterWalkerz Balls are that exact thing. It genuinely looks super fun. You basically become a giant hamster in a rolling ball, trying to remain upright in something that could hypothetically turn into a plastic death trap with a single puncture. Dangerous and fun!

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