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You Forgot To Get Someone A Gift

Hint: It’s You.

Going into the new year, my goal is to practice more self-love. Don’t worry, I won’t be documenting my journey with everyone on social media and claiming to emerge a changed woman. But I am planning to be gentler with myself and more mindful of my feelings.

Like anyone with a full-time job, I’ve learned the hard way how easy it is to find yourself saying yes to everything … and then trying to juggle a mountain of projects and events without taking a break. But in a world that revolves around networking, it’s hard to say no when you are trying to build your career and professional skills. Then, when the holidays hit, you’re stuck in a whirlwind of work, life, and family.

You have to think about working, and preparing for the time off you have. And then there’s the travel preparations. And then there’s the actual holiday plans. And then there’s buying gifts for the rest of the calendar year so you can properly afford everything. The list goes on.

I’ve already talked about ways to prepare your mental health this holiday season, but one underrated way to boost your mood is showing gratitude for ourselves for simply trying our best. Psychology Today talks about the mental benefits of both giving and receiving gifts of any kind…so why does giving yourself a gift feel taboo?

What is Self Gifting?

If you watched Parks & Recreation, you know to treat yourself at least one day a year. If you watch TikTok, you’re familiar with the little treats trend: giving yourself something daily in honor of being alive. Today’s little treat for me will be a face mask, and tomorrow an iced coffee.

The truth about the holidays is that you have to give a lot of your time and energy to others. You’re socializing nonstop, traveling all over the place, missing those who aren’t with you, and of course, spending all your money on gifts. It’s such a chaotic time period that you might forget to think about yourself.

Prioritizing your mental health and your self-worth is not selfish, though it may feel unnatural and weird for some. You’re supposed to show so much gratitude and selflessness during this time that you rarely show it to yourself.

Is It Okay To Give Myself A Gift?

Many people reportedly would have trouble even giving themselves a gift because they’d be too stressed to enjoy it. In a study conducted by Cornell University’s Jacqueline Rifkin, she says,

“When people are anxious about money and time pressures, they believe that they won’t be able to focus on the self-gift experience and therefore won’t benefit, and so they don’t take opportunities to self-gift,”

While it may be difficult to fathom, giving yourself a gift actually has its benefits…and it doesn’t have to cost you money.

Best Self Gifting Tips

Schedule A Spa Night (Or Day)

Usen Paramov via Unsplash

Whether you stay in or go to a professional spa, this gift is multiple layers of self-care. You can do a face mask, draw a bath, and just wind down for a few hours. Throw on a hair mask, shave your legs, and get your essential oil diffuser going. A little bit of me time goes a long way.

Buy Yourself A New Outfit

Laura Chouette via Unsplash

I’m under the firm belief that “look good, feel good” is real. If I’m wearing a great outfit, I feel immensely better. So, give yourself a new outfit for the holidays that makes you feel your best.

Bake Yourself A Treat

Brooke Lark via Unsplash

I love to bake, but even if you don’t, you can’t avoid baked goods during the holidays. Let yourself cheat on your diet and feel good about it by baking a fun treat. You can share with others if you wish, but no one will know if you eat all of it.

Go To Yoga

Kaylee Garrett via Unsplash

Yoga incorporates a workout, meditation, and breathwork all in one. It’s a great way to center your mind and body during the holidays in an hour or less. Plus, going to hot yoga during the cold winter months feels amazing.

Take Yourself On A Date

Stefan Johnson via Unsplash

Go to dinner, or the movies, or the mall. Take yourself on a scenic walk or go buy yourself something you’ve been wanting for a while. It’s about taking at least an hour where you do nothing but think of what you want!

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