5 Best Laptop Cases from Amazon

5 Best Laptop Cases from Amazon

We all need one!

With climate change in full swing, who knows what the weather will be tomorrow, it'll be raining one day and blazing hot the next.

Either way, carrying around a laptop in a canvas bag is never a smart idea. Whether you want a laptop bag or a laptop case, Topdust and Amazon haves you covered.

Amazon's Choice: AmazonBasics Laptop and Tablet Bag

Yes, Amazon does have its own line of items and this product comes in five different sizes with an option to add a wireless mouse. The bag is not only lightweight but can fit all the essentials at a great price, ranging from $13 to $23 depending on the size.

Most Durable: MOSISO's Water Repellent Sleeve Cover

Mosiso's water repellent case is offered in 22 colors and includes a small case for a phone. Notably, one reviewer's laptop survived even after it caught on fire thanks to this case. If that's not compelling enough to purchase the sleeve cover, I don't know what to tell you.

Best Color Options: DACHEE Waterproof Messenger Bag/Case

Dachee's case comes with an attachable strap to easily convert it into a messenger bag. The bag also has 28 patterns to choose from, offering a variety of options for the customer.

Best Quality: Lacdo 360° Protective Laptop Sleeve Case

Between the price point and the design, what's not to like? Lacdo's canvas case feels great and protects your computer from light drops and scratches.

Best Bang for Your Buck: Arvok Laptop Sleeve

Arvok's sleeve comes in 15 colors and 4 sizes, ranging from $9 to $12. The neoprene case is soft to the touch and heat, chemical, oil, and ozone resistant.

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