Juicy Couture Kraft Mayo Collab

Juicy Couture x Kraft Mayo Debut a Velvety Smooth Collaboration

The most surprising collab of the year ... is actually kind of fire?

The Y2K fashion revival is in full swing. For me, that means every “it-girl” trend I coveted in middle and high school is back en vogue. Uggs? Spotted on Bella Hadid. Low-rise jeans? Slowly but surely replacing high-waist jeans as the reigning silhouette. Statement jewelry? The bigger — and shinier — the better.

This is how the trend cycle goes: we obsess over the latest style’s must-haves; we covet then purchase our favorite brands; and then — when the season ends — we mindlessly toss them to the landfill in pursuit of the next new thing.

But what goes up must come down. Every few years, trends inevitably boomerang back. So now, two decades after the early-2000s era, the best of its trends return to our wishlists.

But while some brands have fallen since their original reign — think Victoria’s Secret — others have returned to their prime. But in the age of microtrends and gimmicks, even the best-of-the-best need to make noise to gain traction, survive, and thrive.

Cue: the new Juicy Couture collaboration with … Kraft Real Mayo.

I, for one, would never have called this. I guess the velvety texture of Juicy’s token velour sweatsuits pairs well with the velvety smoothness of Kraft Real Mayo. And this collab is proof.

"The two biggest lovers of velvety smooth, Kraft Real Mayo and Juicy Couture, have come together for the most velvety smooth collaboration yet," the collection's website states. "Included in your Smooth Lovers Kit, you'll find one Long Live Velvety Smooth Tracksuit and one Mayo Couture Tube Top. We've also included a very limited edition (first come, first served) matching Tube Top for your bestie and a jar of Kraft Real Mayo."

“The Smooth Lover’s” collection is a statement-making combination of both brands’ distinct aesthetics. The Kraft Real Mayo X Juicy Couture plush velour tracksuit is a gorgeous navy blue inspired by the Kraft Mayo label. It dazzles with the signature Juicy Couture rhinestones. It also comes with a matching tube top and — of course — a jar of the condiment itself.

The most surprising part: we actually like it. The new Juicy Collab is a cool new spin on the iconic Juicy Couture tracksuit.

The Smooth Lover's Collection is available for preorder now, exclusively on

If all of this has whet your appetite for a velour tracksuit, you’re not alone. But if you seek other colorways or simply don’t love mayo enough to wear a branded tracksuit, here are the top velour sweatsuits you can buy now. Juicy Couture and otherwise.

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