Insight On Being An It Girl

Insight On Being An It Girl

I grew up watching print magazines slowly turn into forgettable social media reels and semi-viral online articles. But their core content hasn’t changed: follow the It Girl, become the It Girl. The It Girl changes with the season, but during her time in the sun, she dictates trends and demands respect wherever she goes.

When I was younger, the It Girls were the Disney Channel stars I saw on my screen. I picked up every issue of Tiger Beat and J-14 magazine to read about what Zendaya was wearing and to see which shade of lipgloss Selena Gomez was using (some things don’t change). The articles were all the same, but you’d never get tired of hearing young Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Raven Symone, and more giving dating advice to their adolescent, adoring fans.

Then, middle school hit and it was Taylor Swift time (again, some things don’t change). As I sit and write this, Taylor most definitely is still the hottest topic…but mix in supermodels and actresses like Bella and Gigi Hadid, the Kardashians, Sydney Sweeney, Sofia Richie, and, of course, Hailey Bieber.

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When I was reading The Cut’s It Girl issue this year, I realized they were right…everyone kind of is an It Girl these days. It Girls are being cycled faster than some trends, because there is room for more than one It Girl in this huge world.

What Does It Take To Be An It Girl?

I have a simple answer: a social media account and an air of confidence. Everyone is an It Girl in my eyes if they are living their best lives and doing it with confidence. If you want to chase after the influencer lifestyle and post TikToks all day, you’re an It Girl. If you want to post to your five friends on your private Snapchat story, you’re an It Girl.

The It Girl lifestyle is a state of mind, there isn’t one sort of “look” they go for. As long as she is confident, and supports other women, she’s an It Girl. Because who can tell you otherwise if you’re playing the part?

They’re famous just because they are who they are - they just have what It takes. The original It Girl idea came from New York City, notoriously breeding party-going, young, effervescent women who were famous for being themselves and nothing less. But the concept of the It Girl has evolved into something a bit more.

It’s become a state of mind that women have developed…not to mention It Girl’s sister, Hot Girl. It Girl makeup trends populate on TikTok, you can see aesthetic Hot Girl lifestyle videos galore. Everyone wants to be That Girl…but who is That Girl?

For me, the idea of an It Girl shouldn’t be to be the most liked person on this planet or to make as much money as possible…but to live a life that makes you happiest. It’s about wearing the clothes you want and doing your makeup how it feels best for you.

Sure Alix Earle can influence you to buy any product, but what made her an It Girl was her honesty with her audience. Anyone can be considered beautiful, but if you’re not living life with good intentions then others can sniff that out.

So yes, the It Girl can have the ten-step skincare routine and always look put together…but she can also go out all weekend and spend Sundays curled up on her couch mourning her bank account. She can buy the expensive bag and regret it tomorrow.

Her secret? You can never tell what the It Girl is going to do next. She’s elusive, a bit unattainable, and yet she has to seem normal enough to be relatable. You can go anywhere in the world and find an It Girl.

With social media, there’s always an It Girl somewhere. Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae were the dominating It Girls of TikTok until the app cycled in more and more It Girls. Today, it’s Sofia Richie and her Old Money chic. Tomorrow, who knows?

The other day, a friend of mine asked who the It Girl was. Right now, for many, it’s actresses like Jenna Ortega and Madelyn Cline. For others, it’s TikTokers like Monet McMichael and Alix Earle. Truly, the It Girl depends on who you ask.

So, yes, it may be an overrated concept in theory…but it’s been developed into a mindset for many girls to instill confidence within themselves. Nothing wrong with striving for the It Girl lifestyle.

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