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The Best Gifts for Every Zodiac Sign

We bet Pisces are the ones Googling this.

There's something wonderfully personal about a gift inspired by your astrological Zodiac sign. If you're anything like Channing Tatum, you're flabbergasted by how much astrology apps know about your personal life—it can feel as if they're invading your very mind and extracting the most intimate details. While not every person relates to their astrology sign, choosing a gift based on a loved one's astrology sign can be a fun way to personalize an otherwise bland gift.


Aries are bundles of energy with their driven, confident, and courageous personas. They hate to slow down and can become easily frustrated when they have nothing to do. Being entertained by a challenge, especially anything physical, will surprise and elate an Aries. But really, what they love more than anything else is the shiny vanity of jewelry. Anything that will make them feel special and wanted will put a smile on your loved one's face.

Sterling Silver Wishbone Necklace


The practical Taurus loves a gift that's useful and applicable in their everyday life. They also love the finer things in life. A high-quality set of knives can make all the difference in their kitchen prep and will outlast most of their other appliances.

McCook Knife Set


All a Gemini needs is attention. Jokes aside, Geminis will love a thoughtful gift that shows you appreciate all that they are— boisterous, talkative, and sometimes self-centered. In the end, you can never go wrong with adding another journal to their never-ending, half-used collection!

Jofelo's Leather Journal


The moody, imaginative, and loyal Cancers are a complicated bunch. They love to relax and be anywhere by the water. To feed their introspective nature, a thought-provoking summer read can tick off many of the caring Cancer's boxes.

The Power by Naomi Alderman


The fierce and firey Leos are wildly funny, outgoing, and needy folk. The stubborn Leos, similar to Geminis, love attention of any sort. They love experimenting with their appearance and anything that bolsters their creative spirit. A colorful eyeshadow palette would definitely appeal to their bold nature.



Analytical, private, and hardworking Virgos are always paying attention to small details. When it comes to gift-giving, they love something personal and practical that can elevate their clean and healthy lifestyle. A cookbook is the perfect gift for a Virgo to sink their teeth into and try something new!


Libras are a gracious, fair-minded, and social sign. Music is food for the air sign's soul. A record player can balance their social tendencies and their need for more intimate, soothing nights.


The resourceful, hard-headed, and passionate Scorpios are true, honest friends. The water sign would never turn down a nice accessory or article of clothing. The secretive and alluring Scorpio would benefit from a sexy pair of black sunglasses.

FEISEDY Jackie O Sunglasses


Idealistic and generous, Sagittarius' have a great sense of humor and love to experience new things. Tickets, whether to a show or a new place, would be the perfect gift for the fire sign. If you can't afford that sort of gift, a travel inspiration book could be just the thing!


Responsible, disciplined, and sensitive, Capricorns loves practicality but will dabble in luxury from time to time. The workaholics will benefit from time to relax and unwind. A quality bathrobe will strike the perfect balance between a practical and luxurious gift!


Aquarius' are known for being progressive, humanitarian, and good at listening. They're open-minded and pride themselves on being the true originals. This sign values their time with loved ones, so a polaroid camera would be a fantastic gift for them to capture all their fond memories!

FujiFilm Instax Camera


Pisces is a compassionate, artistic, gentle, and wise sign. They are sentimental and would love a homemade gift or a romantic evening. A favorite or thoughtful scent might just be the kind of romantic and personal gift a Pisces would love.

Ariana Grande Ari Eau Perfume

*Don't forget to take into account individuals who fall on the cusp— which means their birthday falls on an the four day period between one sign's end date and the other's start date.*

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