Cosrx Patch: Your pimple's worst nightmare

Cosrx Patch: Your pimple's worst nightmare

These little patches pack a big punch and are taking the beauty world by storm

The Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch has taken the beauty world by storm for two reasons. These products are effective, and they are affordable.

Let me break down how it all works. These tiny circular patches are like special band aids that help heal your blemish while fighting against it. Technically called Hydrocolloid patches they are semi transparent wound dressings. These are covered in sticky materials that help the patch adhere to the skin, even through showering and applying makeup. The materials absorbs water, or whatever infected material is in your pimple, and draws it out into the patch making it change color and swell. This sounds horrifying but it's barely noticeable. Really it draws all the impurities out of your "wound" and the bandage absorbs them so they're no longer in your pores.

While everything is taken out of your pimple it is done in a safe and non-irritating way, unlike popping. There is no irritation to the skin because these are treating it gently like an infected wound. This means that these patches are ideal for people with sensitive skin, but can be used by every skin type. One patch is meant to be worn for at least 7 hours and you'll notice the difference if you leave it on for the proper amount of time. This means that they are perfect for wearing to bed. While you sleep the patch will do its work and because of its adhesive nature it won't rub off during the night.

Their semi transparency adapts to any skin tone to make them hardly noticeable on the face if you are wearing them during the day. There will be a little circle that shines in the light but only when you get up close, and because of their semi-transparency they also do a good job of hiding the redness from your pimple during the day. This kit contains 24 patches of 3 varying sizes so you can cover any blemish you might have. I also cut my larger ones down if there is a pimple near my mouth that will want to crease when my mouth moves. You can get away with wearing these during the day without people asking why there's a bandaid on your face, they're totally incognito.

To all the pickers of the world this is your new go to product. The bandage means that you can touch that spot all you want without inflaming or irritating it anymore. Your grubby fingers can't get past the waterproof barrier over the pimple and you can feel free to poke it without consequences. It's a hard habit to break and it can result in deep acne scars that take years to heal. This product focuses on the healing from the inside out protecting from both external and internal infection. You won't have as many scars and you can shift your priorities elsewhere.

These patches retail for about $5 across the board. You can get them from Amazon for $4.99 and Soko Glam for $5. One packet can go a long way with 24 patches inside. If you take your CLEAN scissors and decide to cut larger ones in half to either make more small patches or to get one a specific shape then they'll last even longer.

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