How To Look Like A Beauty Guru For Under $60

Affordable Makeup Isn’t Going To Hurt You

If you haven’t sat in front of a mirror performing your full makeup routine while pretending you're filming a YouTube tutorial, you’re lying. I refuse to believe that you didn’t step by step explain your process to your imaginary millions of subscribers.

In my little fantasy world, I am a beauty guru. An influencer of the best up-and-coming products. Makeup artists like James Charles could never.

So for my next “challenge,” my next big video if you will, we are dipping into controversial territory: cheap makeup…drugstore makeup. The horror.

Don’t Be Scared If Your Makeup Costs Under $100…

In the era of TikTok, it seems as though now more than ever we are falling victim to consumerism and trend-following. I am no saint, I’m just as bad as the rest. I buy into everything I see with such haste you’d wonder if I were in control of my own body still.

I love Sephora, but they feature high-end luxury brands that the average gal like me can’t afford to use regularly. While Charlotte Tilbury is my instant add-to-cart, my ride or die, it appears my wallet doesn’t feel the same way.

Well, I’m here to advocate for the inexpensive, accessible makeup brands sold at your local drugstore, Walmart, etc. Because, believe it or not, we may have been brainwashed to believe that affordable makeup isn’t as effective as the luxury version.

Unfortunately, this is incorrect. At the end of the day, it’s about the ingredients the brand uses that make a product special.

With skincare, it may be more difficult to tell what’s really worth the money because results take time — with makeup, it’s an instant result that can ruin an entire brand’s reputation if insufficient.

Makeup can crackle, separate, smell funny, look bizarre, oxidize and change color, you name it. A lot can go wrong the second the wrong foundation touches your skin…and it can obliterate your day in the process.

While some cheaper makeup brands have this effect on you because they cut corners with ingredients, many brands just want to make sure everyone can afford to feel beautiful.

More and more celebrities are creating affordable brands…so why can’t we trust regular ol’ accessible makeup brands yet? I would love to do an entire face of makeup where each product is under $10…

And I’m going to. Without further ado, here's how to beat your face in under $100. Maybe even under $50…who knows?

1. e.l.f Power Grip Primer - $10

elf primer

A good primer should enhance the look of your makeup while making sure that it’s glued to your face for the rest of the day. If you’ve seen Milk HydroGrip Primer, then this dupe from e.l.f. has the exact same effect!

2. L’Oreal Lumi Glotion - $8

Loreal lumi glotion

The world yearns for a Flawless Filter dupe. Many try, few succeed. This L’Oreal Lumi Glotion is the perfect solution for your bank account. I love that you can use it as primer or foundation and get a beautiful result regardless.

Pro tip: use on top of your foundation on the high points of your face for a natural highlight.

3. wet n’ wild Photo Focus Dewy Foundation - $6

wet n wild foundation shades

The foundation of your dreams is being sold for only $5 and you’re missing out. Think NARS Light Reflecting Foundation but $35 less. Full coverage but makes your skin glow, what more does a girl need?

4. Colourpop Hyaluronic Concealer - $9

This concealer is extremely hydrating, covering your dark under eye circles while simultaneously brightening the area. You won’t experience crackling or creasing thanks to the ultra-moisturizing Hyaluronic acid.

All of Colourpop’s makeup is a great affordable choice, I’d highly recommend it.

5. Makeup Revolution Superdewy Blush - $7

makeup revolution super dewy blush

Makeup Revolution went viral on TikTok during the pandemic for their Charlotte Tilbury dupes…but did you know that this blush is a perfect dupe for the Rare Beauty blush?

You may need a layer or two more than Selena’s version, but you get the same effect for over half the price. Worth it.

6. e.l.f Putty Cream Bronzer - $7

e.l.f is one of the best affordable makeup brands on the market. They revolutionized the game with their Putty line: primer, blush, and bronzer. The putty is super easy to blend and gives a natural finish that looks amazing on top of makeup.

7. NYX Plump Finish Setting Spray - $9.50

And finally, a brand that has been around in your local CVS forever…NYX. Their setting spray gives your skin some much needed revitalization and sticks that makeup on forever.

Full face beat total: $56.50

And there you have it… a full face of makeup that isn’t $400. Throw on your fave mascara and treat yourself to a large iced coffee with that extra money saved.

There are plenty of brands out there that have sufficient dupes for all of your fave luxury products. If you’re wary about a product, check the reviews online…there’s no one more honest than a scorned woman in the review section. Happy shopping!

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