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All the Limited Edition Candy Corn Flavored Snacks, RANKED

Come join me at the bottom.

Candy corn is objectively disgusting, so I don't know why I love it so much. Maybe because I am also trash?

For whatever Freudian reason, I'm a sucker for candy corn. Even worse, I'm especially drawn to limited edition candy corn flavors of other popular treats, because my taste buds are dead and my life is in a constant state of chaos. Most of these were discontinued many moons ago, but I've tracked down pictures of all the limited edition candy corn-flavored snacks I could find and ranked them based on concept and description, alone.

If you're on a similar life path as me and find yourself seeking out a long-expired bag of artificially-flavored chocolate to give you cholera, I pray this list finds you well:

9. Candy Corn Starbursts

candy corn starbursts

The Wrigley Company

Okay, wtf is this bullsh*t? I came for candy corn-flavored snacks and here's Starburst like, "CANDY CORN? HOW ABOUT CANDY CORN FRUIT?" No. F*cking no, Starburst, what is wrong with you?

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