Why Cornbread Is Now the Only Hemp Brand I Trust

Why Cornbread Is Now the Only Hemp Brand I Trust

Hemp brands are a dime a dozen. Heck, in most states you can walk into legit brick and mortar stores and buy a full range of products — from gummies to oils and everything in between.

Despite the typical aches, pains, and general sleeplessness that are common for someone my age (male, late 50s), I’ve been prescribed so many pills over the years that I now hesitate to even take Ibuprofen.

While I have dabbled in hemp gummies and tinctures, I’ve only done so based on trusted recommendations from friends. I would never take anything purchased online with unsupported claims and unproven results.

So when my daughter recently suggested Full Spectrum Hemp Gummies from a brand called Cornbread, I was apprehensive — but her rave review convinced me to give them a shot.

Here’s a quick summary of my experience.

Ordering Online

Cornbread’s website is super easy to navigate (and trust me, I’m about as far from “tech savvy” as you can get).

They offer something called “My Hemp Quiz,” which takes 2 minutes to complete and easily directs you to the right product based on your experience with hemp products plus your top needs, such as sleep, pain, or stress. Major plus.

My Personal Cornbread Quiz Results

I have minor aches and pains in my back along with restless nights, so I ordered the 750mg version of Cornbread’s Full Spectrum Hemp Gummies. (They also offer 300mg and 1500mg options.) Available in Watermelon, Berry, and Peach, I went with Watermelon.

I was also surprised to learn that all Cornbread products are certified USDA organic. In fact, they’re one of the only U.S. hemp producers to earn this certification. The brand was started by two cousins (Eric & Jim), precisely because they saw a need for high quality, trusted hemp products on the market.

Another plus: all products are made in the U.S., and they offer a no questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee. And that’s not all…

Cornbread Hemp Brand Guarantees

Notable Brand Perks

My jar of gummies were shipped within 24 hours, and less than 4 days later, they were at my doorstep. Each jar contains 30 gummies, which are both vegan and free of additives like high-fructose corn syrup, gelatin, or artificial colors.

Cornbread’s gummies are also Full Spectrum and Flower-Only™, which means that the flowers of the hemp plant have been separated from the rest of the plant parts, instead of using the whole plant.

The result is a higher quality full spectrum hemp extract that is free of unnecessary plant matter. This means it won’t taste bitter or grassy, but bright, fresh, and floral.

In addition to being USDA organic, all of Cornbread’s products — which include tinctures, topical creams, and even items for pets — have been rigorously tested by an independent, third party laboratory.

Every lab report certifies that the product is free of things like pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, and more, and you can find and read each one for yourself.

Okay, I was impressed.

My Experience

Cornbread’s site recommends using their hemp gummies consistently for several weeks to see the full benefits. Age, weight, metabolism, and genetics can all play a part in terms of how long it takes to see effects.

I took 1 dose of the 750mg Cornbread Full Spectrum Hemp Gummy per day for 30 days. After just 1 week, I felt much more relaxed, which seemed to help loosen the tension in my back. They also taste great — no funky aftertaste like other products I’ve tried.

30 days later, I’m shocked at how effective a simple hemp gummy has been in improving multiple areas of my life, from aches and pains to stress reduction to even my sleep. I owe my daughter one, to be sure.

Final Thoughts

While I was initially skeptical, Cornbread won me over in just about every way, from quality to actually delivering real results. With Cornbread Hemp, you’re not just throwing away money on something untested… You’re investing in the real deal.

Ready to try Cornbread’s Full Spectrum Hemp Gummies?

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