vitamins for quarantine

The Best Vitamins for Quarantine

Take care of yourselves, people.

With coronavirus ravaging communities around the world, our health is more important than ever before.

While many of us may use this limitless time indoors to get drunk at noon and not shower for four days, what we should be doing is working as hard as we can to keep our immune system strong. To aid with that, here are a couple of vitamins you should take every day in order to keep your health up to date.

Vitamin C Buffered C-Complex

Buffered Vitamin C-Complex

No, not Emergen-C. These Buffered C-Complex capsules are filled with everything you could need to stave off illness. It offers 750 mg of Vitamin C, along with 100 mg of Citrus Bioflavonoids, which aid in reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. Each capsule also comes with an extra 25 mg of Rutin powder that aids in strengthening blood vessels.


Swanson Magnesium

While it's a perfect natural laxative and antacid, it helps you better handle high amounts of Vitamin C so you don't get queasy. Magnesium has a slew of additional health benefits, as well. It prevents hearing loss and kidney stones and helps keep migraines at bay. It also improves athletic performance and combats insomnia and restless leg syndrome as an effective sleep aid.

Super Stress B-Complex

b vitamin complex

B Vitamins are vital in maintaining stress, but complexes pack all 8 necessary B-vitamins into one. From red cell development to revitalizing amino acid metabolism and DNA repair, the B-vitamin complex is a one stop shop for your inner physical health.


zinc tablets

Another vitamin imperative for fighting off illness, Zinc is required by the body in order to effectively make proteins and DNA. During pregnancy, Zinc is needed in excess in order to help the body grow and develop properly. It will knock a cold out of your system in 24 hours if you catch it early, and it helps stop diarrhea if you're in the midst of a bad stomach bug.

Citrus Bioflavonoids

Citrus Bioflavonoids

While Bioflavonoids will more than likely be present in most Vitamin C complexes, a little boost can't hurt during such a health-conscious time. Derived directly from citrus fruit, Bioflavonoids helps to reduce inflammation and prevent illness. It also helps to prevent nose bleeds and to protect your cells from oxidation.

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