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Your Friend Who's Always on Vacation Still Expects a Gift

Your Friend Who's Always on Vacation Still Expects a Gift

Here’s what to get your favorite frequent flier

You know them, you love them, and you want to be them — your friends who are always on the go. “Catch flights on feelings” is their Instagram bio, and their highlights are named after each city they’ve visited. One thing about them is they consistently use all their PTO. And they do it in style.

Rather than tapping through their social media posts with envy, celebrate their wanderlust. If you can’t beat them, join them. If you can’t join them, buy them a holiday gift.

But no one wants yet another luggage tag or one more neck pillow. Your frequent flier has been to hundreds of airport convenience shops — they’re over-familiar with all the crappy travel gifts. They have every item you’ll find on a generic travel list — they don't need another airplane pillow.

So be unique. Give them something they actually want and will use. The key: find new, unexpected ways to help them elevate their travel experience. Whether it’s Work-From-Anywhere essentials for your digital nomad or relaxing must-haves for your vacation lover, here are the best gifts for anyone who is booked and busy.

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Noise Canceling Headphones

Trendy Headphones are not going anywhere. And if your favorite PTO fiend doesn’t have a pair yet, having one will change the way they travel. Plus, they’re a game-changer for digital nomads — canceling out coffee shop noise on Zoom meetings around the globe.

Athleta Fanny Pack

The more you travel, the more you appreciate minimalism. Help any frequent flier glide through the airport with a travel fanny pack, the secret to keeping everything they need close to their chest, literally.

Belkin Portable Charger

Nothing is worse than your phone dying in the middle of a travel day. For the friend whose phone is always on 1%, this portable charger from Belkin is a gift to both of you. Keep up with their social media updates without a dead battery sabotaging your vicarious watching experience.

KNC Eye Masks

Skincare never ceases. All of us have that friend who shamlessly performs their full routine on the plane. Make it easier with these aesthetically pleasing eye masks for an instantly refreshed face the moment they land.

Calpak Travel Case

Packing well is the secret to traveling well. Even your most chaotic friend will be at ease with this CalPak travel case, which makes travel organization a breeze.

Assouline Table Book

A list of dream destinations is sure to be pinned on your travel lover’s wall. Or at least in their notes app. Take it to a more aesthetically pleasing level with this covetable collection of table books. Personalize it by picking a destination you know they’re dying to explore. Amalfi, anyone?

Vivaia Faux Fur Flats

The challenge of traveling is translating daily comforts to life on the go. A pair of slippers is a hotel must-have. This plush pair will instantly add a hint of home to their travels.

Canon Digital Camera

Forget the iPhone camera. Forget our obsession with film and its expensive film rolls and accouterment. A digital camera is the go-to travel companion of the season. Friends don’t let friends fall behind on the trends.

Reisfields NYC Soak

Experts say relaxing after a long flight is the key to beating jet lag and fatigue. Help your PTO pal along their path with this self-care fix in a jar. This Detox Botanical Soak is a travel-friendly way to relax.


Baggu bags are not merely a trendy accessory. They’re the most useful addition to your carry-on. Their surprising capacity makes them ideal for holding dirty clothing, bringing home gifts, and your can even turn them into an extra carry-on.

Package Free Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set

This cutlery set includes a bamboo fork, knife, straw spoon, and a set of chopsticks. The carabiner has a built-in bottle opener. The bamboo is heat, stain, and flavor resistant. The set is neatly packed inside a carrying case.

Goop x Copper Fit Compression Socks

Compression socks are the secret to ache-free travels. Now you know it. And your frequent flyer should know it too.

Blissy Silk Sleep Mask

Good sleep is hard to find. Even harder on a plane. A Blissy Silk Sleep mask will shut out intrusive airplane lighting and provide the best chance at catching some zzzs on the plane.

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