Which Candies NOT to Hand Out This Halloween

Which Candies NOT to Hand Out This Halloween

If you plan on handing out candy this Halloween, avoid these pitfalls.

Trick-or-treating is a magical time of year, but we all remember the disappointing houses on our block that just didn't get it.

Why would you hand out floss instead of candy? Why would you give me a nickel? If you are one of the unfortunate houses planning to give your local kids Raisinets, then read on. Here are the worst Halloween treats that no kid wants.

Those Weird Strawberry Candies

What are these? Why are they filled with goo? Why do they always just appear? Why are they the signature candy of grandma's everywhere? For as long as we can remember, there have been all these questions surrounding these peculiar sweets and absolutely no answers. Just don't give these out. Just don't do it.

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