The Coolest Calculator App Every Math Student Needs

The Coolest Calculator App Every Math Student Needs

Students, your math class just got a whole lot cooler. Forget your bulky calculator and use your phone instead.

Okay, we know what you're thinking. Anyone that has any standard smartphone will probably have a calculator included. But nothing like this. MyScript Calculator lets you write equations with your own finger or stylus. Compute complex equations automatically. You can edit easily on the interface, so no need to get pencil erasings all over your desk.

You don't even have to worry about hitting any symbols, like log, square root, sine, cosine or tangent. You can solve equations with one unknown by drawing a question mark in your equation, export your calculations as images to share or reuse in another app, and define the precision of your result and get calculations in degrees or radians.

As for add ons, you can use your results in another calculation, save your results into memory, and export all of your past calculations. This award-winning app will make math a whole lot less complicated.

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