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The Best Fall Flannels For Men​

It's not quite sweater weather yet, so a good flannel is a must at this time of year.

The weather is still kinda weird in October.

Early mornings are brisk and total sweater weather, but thanks to the work of climate change, things often heat up pretty well by the mid-afternoon. Luckily, a flannel can provide a perfect middle ground. Some flannels can be trendy and fashionable choices to wear over a T-shirt, but also serve as reliable layers when the temperature drops. Here are the best flannels for men, perfect for 2020's unpredictable weather.

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch

The Californian outdoor brand was started by three friends with a modest goal: they wanted to make the perfect flannel. As a result, the Taylor Stitch flannel is tailored (ha!) to perfection. At over $100 a pop, these shirts are a pretty good investment, but each shirt is "Responsibly Built For the Long Haul," as it says on their website. The shirts are fashionable enough to wear out for a happy hour, but hardy enough to last against the elements.


This iconic Swedish brand has proven for years to be masters of the great outdoors. Fjällräven's splash of retro color and design make each piece pop with personality, but these flannels are carefully designed to last forever. Their clothing is no different. Made from thick cotton flannel and G-1000 reinforcements to keep the collar, sleeve cuffs, and pocket flaps sturdy, Fjällräven remains one of the best ever at what they do.


NN07 flannel

Another fabulous Swedish brand, NN07 thrives in its minimalism. Each flannel is curated to be a staple piece, and can be worn for almost any sort of occasion. However, its casual looks don't imply subpar craftsmanship. The pieces are made with an ultra-soft brushed cotton and polyester blend that won't get ruined in the wash.

Mr. P

Mr. P flannel

Serving as the in-house clothing line from iconic menswear tailer MR PORTER, Mr. P places an equal amount of attention on detail and luxurious quality. Minimalist styling and great fabric make up every flannel in this clothing line. Crafted from checked flannel that's spun with wool and cotton, it offers a breathable texture perfect for any fall occasion.



While many brands are currently making the shift to more sustainable clothing craftsmanship, Patagonia has been about sustainability since their founding in 1973. Patagonia is always striving to reduce its carbon footprint and ensuring that its clothes are made with the earth in mind. Each flannel is made from 100% organic cotton, and each piece weighs in at 16 oz, meaning it's a sturdy piece of clothing that will hold up against anything.


Filson flannel

If you're looking for a more traditional, lumber-jack styled shirt, then Filson is the brand for you. Practically made for chainsaw-carrying, burly, bushy-bearded men, this company was founded in Seattle in 1897 to cater specifically to outdoorsmen. Their style, as well as thick design, should only be worn for those serious about making the most out of their flannel this fall.

Uniqlo Checked

Uniqlo checked

For those who aren't in need of a thick layer, Uniqlo's signature flannel brand is nice and lightweight and affordable and is made from 100% cotton peripheral that features a triple-brushed interior and relaxed fit. The Japanese company's collection offers a singly-ply 40-thread-count material perfect for everyday usage. Their design is also never too flashy and can go with anything you have in your wardrobe.

Pendleton Double-Brushed


Another perfect brand for those who aren't into anything flashy, Pendleton's Double-Brushed flannel offers a plethora of signature fall looks. They are one of the most lauded brands in the industry, and their shirts featuring a faux suede elbow patch to give each shirt a vintage flair. The company's unique colors all but assure that a Pendleton Double-Brushed flannel will remain a staple piece for your wardrobe.

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