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The Best Fall Jackets for Kids

Fall weather is already unpredictable, but this year a lot of other aspects of the season remain unpredictable as well.

Fall weather is already unpredictable, but this year, many other aspects of the season remain equally as unexpected.

But with everything as crazy as it is, your kid's outerwear shouldn't be extra hassle. Autumn can have both crisp breezes and balmy afternoons, and sometimes it even snows. As a result, a kid's jacket needs to be warm, but not so warm that they'll sweat on the school bus. Fall jackets also tend to be awkwardly bulky, which can be annoying for your kid if they're shoving it into their cubby or locker. Here are the best fall jackets for kids that will guarantee your child's comfort, which right now is the most important thing.

XARAZA Toddler Girls Fall Jacket

Fall Jackets

Offered in a stylish gray or pale pink, this light jacket is comprised of a breathable cotton blend, with a full front zipper and a wide dress-stylized hem. It's stylish and suitable for babies within 18 months. Perfect for photographs or just casual wear, the XARAZA jacket even comes with a cute pair of bunny ears to help your toddler look both cozy and adorable.

Columbia Youth Girls Switchback Rain Jacket

Columbia jacket

Fall can undoubtedly be rainy a lot of the time. So sometimes cuteness isn't a viable option if you want to keep your kid dry. This breathable jacket from Columbia is waterproof and extremely lightweight, meaning it can be worn on a cold and rainy day or a hot and dry one. The zippered pockets, adjustable hood, and elastic cuffs mean the jacket can be semi-tailored to fit your child, and the reflective material means your kid can be safe walking home in the evening.

Columbia Steens Fleece Hoodie Jacket

Fleece Jacket

A fleece jacket is perfect for kids. It's as light as a sweater, so it doesn't carry around a lot of extra bulk, but they're also well insulated, meaning they serve as a good jacket substitute on those crisp fall mornings. The Columbia Fleece even comes with a hood and is offered in a wide variety of colors. It's machine washable, made with 100% polyester, and offered in various sizes for your growing child.

Levi's Denim Trucker Jacket

Levi's Trucker jacket

Jean jackets are fashionable, sophisticated, and, most importantly: warm. Levi's is a reliable denim brand that has been around for years and offers various styles that include hoods and fleece lining. The Trucker Jacket comes in an overwhelming array of colors and is made of 99% Cotton. It features four front pockets and is comprised of stretch denim, meaning it won't be too stiff on your kid.

L.L. Bean Mountain Bound Reversible Jacket

L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean is one of the most reliable outdoor brands on the market, and their kids-wear is no different. The Mountain Bound Reversible Jacket offers one side with a soft and warm fleece and water-resistant ripstop nylon located on the other side. Also, soft spandex binds it at the hems and cuffs to ensure that it's tailored to your kid's size. The versatility will appeal to the ever-changing weather, and the fashionable design will make your kid feel cool in what they're wearing.

London Fog Fleece Lined Windbreaker

London Fog Jacket

For parents who are okay with breaking the bank a little, the London Fog Fleece Lined Windbreaker is one of the best fall jackets on the market. It has an attached hood and multiple zippers and is breathable enough that your kid won't be sweating if the weather suddenly shifts. It's one drawback is that it's not water-resistant, but will fare well against pretty much all the other elements.

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