Why You Should be Cleaning your Makeup Brushes with these Top 5 Cleaners

Why You Should be Cleaning your Makeup Brushes with these Top 5 Cleaners

Most of us use makeup brushes every day, but how often should we clean them?

Just like you regularly brush your teeth and wash your hair, cleaning makeup brushes should be an essential part of your beauty and hygiene routine. In fact, dermatologists and beauty experts recommend that you give your brushes a deep clean at least once a week to prevent the buildup of residual makeup, as well as dirt and oil from your skin, all of which can turn your brushes into a breeding ground for bacteria. Weekly brush cleaning will not only help prevent a host of unpleasant issues like dermatitis, blackheads, acne, and cold sores, but will also increase the shelf life of your brushes, saving both your skin and your wallet in the long run.

Here are the 5 best makeup brush cleaners for 2018, so you can feel fresh and clean for the upcoming Spring season.

StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

$49.99 from Amazon


This brush cleaner, invented by UK Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau, cleans AND dries your makeup brushes in under 30 seconds. The StylPro sends your makeup brushes through a spin washer and dryer, much like a mini car wash for your makeup tools. (If you're having a tough time picturing how exactly this works, watch the video here.) It might sound complex, but it's super easy to use and self-contained for the mess-averse. This is also great option for those of you who think weekly cleansing isn't enough; this kit makes it easy to clean your brushes daily. The one downside is that shampoo is sold separately, though antibacterial soap works just fine!

Keep.It.Clean Beauty Blender

$20.00 from Sephora


A versatile kit that also works for makeup sponges, this kit contains a solid and liquid cleanser as well as a silicone cleansing mitt. Simply wear the mitt on one hand, lather your brush with your preferred cleanser, and work the brush over the mitt's textured surface to get a deep clean. You will have to wait for your brushes to dry, but this is an easy-to-use cleaning kit that still offers a deeper scrub than a simple spray or soak. Plus, all the materials, including the soap, is non-toxic and free of parabens.

Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel

$9 from Amazon


This is an effective product at a great price-point. Not only does the Real Techniques formula offer a deep clean, but it is also dermatologist-tested so you can be sure that you're removing both makeup residue as well as the bacteria that is not apparent to the naked eye. Squeeze a drop of the gel on to your palm, run your brush under warm water, and swirl around in the gel until clean. You will have to wait for your brushes to dry, but rest assured, they will be clean.

Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleanser

$16.50 from Bobbi Brown

Like a massage for your brushes, Bobbi Brown's lavender-scented conditioner has the added bonus of making your brushes feel silky to the touch, allowing for smoother makeup application. While perhaps not as intense as some of the other cleansers, this is a great on-the-go option that you can use in between applications, especially since you don't have to wait long for your brushes to dry. The conditioner is very effective in removing makeup particles, only you'll have to do the dirty work of teasing out the build-up with your hands.

Color Switch by Vera Monica

$18.00 from Sephora


This is a dry-cleaning product that is less involved than conditioners or cleaning kits requiring shampoos. Initially invented to allow for easy switching between colors and products, the Color Switch allows you to quickly remove residue from your brushes. All you have to do is swipe your brush over the round sponge, and voile, your brush is clean. This is a wonderful travel option, however, be sure to clean the Color Switch sponge with warm water and dish soap regularly, as the residue from your brushes will have been transferred there.

Spring cleaning is upon us, and your makeup tools are no exception—and with upcoming trends like clumpy "twiggy" lashes and upside-down liner, you'll want to have your makeup brushes at their very best.

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