Tom Cruise in Ray-Bans for Top Gun: Maverick

Live Like Maverick, Look Like Rooster

How You Too Can Look Like The Coolest Men of The Summer

Oh, Rooster.

The summer’s hottest sequel – in more ways than one – is Top Gun: Maverick and no one should be suprised. Between Tom Cruise schooling younger Tom Cruises, real stunts, and insanely cool F-14s, I too, have the need for speed after watching.

While some would like to resist the Top Gun temptation, they simply can’t. The box office movie and the culture is quickly infiltrating our everyday life. Flying a plane in brutal conditions while fighting the enemy has us all in a permanent headlock.

But there’s something else that draws us into the sweat-filled feature. I sat through the entire movie and thought: What makes them look so freaking cool? Seriously, they all look incredibly unbothered yet intimidating the entire time. Action movies are known for their badass characters and pulse-racing cliffhangers, but why do we leave wanting to be just like them?

It isn’t just Tom Cruise’s “I do my own stunts” demeanor that makes this movie iconic. It’s not young women like myself thirsting over Miles Teller and his mustache (thank you, dearest Miles, for bringing back the stache). It’s the permanent usage of the coolest sunglasses of all time: Ray-Bans.

Fact: remove the sunglasses from the film and half the “it-factor” is lost. For instance, the magic moment when we first see Miles Teller as Rooster is when he rips off his sunglasses in his somehow alluring Hawaiian shirt and tank top. No sunnies, no magic.

If you want to look like the top 1% of pilots in the world, start with their favorite accessory.

Fly High With Ray-Bans

Ray-Bans probably weren’t just thrown into the original Top Gun because they just simply looked the coolest out of all the sunglasses brands. They were originally made by pilots, for pilots.

In 1920, Shorty Schroeder was flying his own version of a Top Gun plane when the fur-lined goggles he sported began to fog up. If you’ve seen the movie, you know that these pilots fly in crazy conditions that are barely survivable, if you can’t see…you’re in trouble.

When Shorty ripped off his goggles, his eyes froze over. His fellow test pilot, John Macready, realized a solution was needed for pilots everywhere as he pulled his friend out of the plane. Thus, Ray-Bans were born.

Ray Ban was cleverly named to “ban rays” from the eyes of pilots…Get it?

A New Sheriff’s In Town

While the classic Aviators were the star of the OG Top Gun, the sequel gave us something new: The Caravans. Both Miles Teller and Jon Hamm sported the slightly squarer version of the Aviator.

Nothing screams “wingman of the year” quite like the Caravans. These frames are a bit smaller than the Aviators, so they don’t take up your entire face. AKA, the perfect size to have your Rooster-esque stache on display.

Miles Teller in Ray Bans for Top Gun Maverick

These give off a “here for a good time, not a long time,” no-nonsense look. The effortless nonchalance is what really makes Rooster so appealing.

Top Gun is an instant classic among men and women for a reason. Whether you like it for the pulse-racing action drama or the attractive characters, we can all agree that their sunglasses make them a little more mysterious.

We Can Never Forget About Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is the original cool guy. The guy does his own stunts. He doesn’t leave the theater thinking about how to be the aforementioned badass characters – he is the aforementioned badass character.

Much like some of Mav’s titles, some things are reserved for himself – including the classic Ray-Ban Aviators. Cruise wears Aviators in both the 1896 Top Gun as well as the 2022 version, proving that these sunglasses will last the test of time and never go out of style.

Young Tom Cruise in Ray-Bans

The Next Top Gun

Even though most characters are in uniform throughout the movie, it’s the accessories that rise above. A good pair of sunglasses can change your entire look and make any old jumpsuit just that more fun.

Ray-Bans are timeless, affordable, and allow you to steal the look of iconic celebrities and dreamy pilots alike.

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