SHEIN is Worse than you Thought. Here’s Where to Shop Instead

SHEIN is Worse than you Thought. Here’s Where to Shop Instead

The latest SHEIN exposé shows how terrible the company’s wages and working conditions are. In the age of microtrends and hauls, you can still shop sustainably

Yeah … it’s time to stop doing those SHEIN hauls, girlies.

Look, we all know fast fashion is bad. But maybe you can’t help yourself when you see an influencer in a cute outfit that you can actually afford. Or maybe you simply can’t resist a good deal. And haven’t we all panic-ordered a questionable look for a last-minute event, Halloween costume, or birthday party? No judgment here.

However, the era of microtrends and the culture of hauls has gone too far. TikTokers have popularized absurdly frequent orders on fast fashion giants like SHEIN. Plus, the stigma of outfit repetition normalized having a different look for social media posts every. Single. Day.

Now look at us: our closets are overflowing with clothes we’ve only worn once. We’ve gotten used to bad-quality fabrics that disintegrate before we pull them on. And we thrift with a “more is better” mentality to show off just how cool and unique we are with how many cool and unique pieces we have.

Well, all this comes at a price. And while it might seem like a low one — SHEIN famously has mega blowout sales where some items cost less than a dollar. Turns out someone else is paying it.

A groundbreaking documentary exposes just how harmful the fast fashion brand SHEIN actually is. Untold: Inside The Shein Machine focuses on the abhorrent working conditions at SHEIN factories in China.


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Here are just a few of the most shocking discoveries from their investigation:

  1. SHEIN workers routinely work 18-hour days
  2. Each earns just over $500 a month
  3. Each produces an average of 500 pieces of clothing per day
  4. If a worker makes a mistake, they’re penalized at about two-thirds of their daily wage
  5. Each receives one day off per month — with no weekends off

These are just a few findings about the grueling working conditions at SHEIN. And it might be easy to say it’s out of our control. But SHEIN’s insane trajectory would screech to a halt if we all stopped buying their clothes.

Think it’s too big a giant to conquer? We’ve watched the fall of brands like Victoria’s Secret — why can’t SHEIN be next?

Besides, their clothes are cheap rip-offs of popular designs you can pick up elsewhere. Did I mention the quality is abysmal? So save yourself the trouble.

But where to shop instead? My favorite source for sustainable braids is Good On You..

This site holds brands accountable for their claims and practices. They rate every leading brand on a sustainability scale so you can keep informed about where you’re shopping.

Some Good On You-approved brands are my absolute favorites. Here are the sustainable, ethical, and fashionable brands I’ve been shopping these days:

All products featured are independently selected by our editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.


Australian fashion brands don’t get enough hype. A few luxury and swimwear brands make it big across the pond. But c’mon — I watched Heartbreak High, so I know Australians have killer style. My latest hot streetwear source is Afends, an Australian brand that stocks super cool, edgy, and original pieces that no one else is wearing on the street.

Nudie Jeans

I love denim. But hunting for the perfect pair of vintage Levis is an extreme sport. I understand the temptation to buy the first passable jeans you see online. But now you don’t have to compromise. Enter: Nudie Jeans. They blend trendy styles with classic engineering. Good denim, great for the environment. We love to see it.

Girlfriend Collective

Finding sustainable activewear is tough. Especially if you’re looking for cute, Instagrammable sets that feel soft, wash and wear well, and withstand high-performance workouts. Luckily, Girlfriend Collective fits the bill. It’s my source for all things active. And I finally got my hands on their slides — grab yours before they sell out.

MATE the Label

For sweats, loungewear, and all your comfy needs, look no further than MATE the Label, your one-stop shop for sustainable, well-made basics. Get your fix of cute sweat sets here.


This versatile brand is loved by celebs everywhere for a reason. Pangaia’s timeless, yet trendy, silhouettes come in uncompromisingly sustainable fabrics. It’s a win-win. These pieces will last you years.

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